Monday, January 17, 2011

Tyranids As a Business

Kennedy is the author of "40k For the New Professional" a blog focused on one man's attempt to apply business tools to his hobby. 

I've always enjoyed Kennedy's smart and aggressive writing style. I'm even enjoying reading his
sci-fi novel/blog.
But more relevant to OUR interests, Kennedy is a successful Nids player. He has posted up quite a few articles about our favorite bugs, and today's post in particular was smartly written and informative. He takes a look at building a Nid army as building and running a business. In particular he describes the concept of comparative advantage (although I'm not sure if he uses that term).

Basically, what can Nids do better than ANYONE else? And how can we use that to our advantage?

Well rather than spoil it, I would encourage you to go read his thoughts for yourself, and let him (and me) know whether you think they have merit.