Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Putting the Tools Back in the Toolbox

Well, you've all seen my GT List (if you haven't, it's in the Army Pages link at the top of the blog).

You've seen my opposition and results.

Batreps are coming, trust me (I have finished on so far but it's not the first game, which came with lots of pictures).

What I would like to know now is what changes should I be looking at for my army, to prepare me for the next go around.

A little background:

I entered this hobby with a passion almost two years ago. I built a combined Vulkan/Sisters of Battle List. The theme was flame. Lots of flame. I didn't use any TH/SS Termies, it was all meltaguns and rending flamers. It was a really fun list, but people didn't particularly like playing against it. I think I actually used the version "with Vulkan" about 3 times before I took him out. I gradually transitioned away from allies as well as I realized that they were really stigmatized. I ended up with a solid Dual Land Raider/Bikers army that I enjoyed for a long time, also very melta heavy. I like meltas and flamers, not just because they were good (though they are) but because I liked fire, and flames, and purging (not in like a dietary way, but in a more Xenos/Heretic/Mutant sorta way).

But I decided I wanted something different. So I started Loganwing. I initially started them to be my "loaner army" because I knew I could make them very cheaply from AoBR. Eventually I was gifted an entire crap-ton of really nice Space Wolves bits including like 60 pewter Wolves Shoulder Pads. I also traded for/won two boxes of actual Space Wolf Terminators (this is the best value for money terminator box out there, hands down). So I transitioned away from a "loaner army" concept to a "real army." But I wanted to try and do it without any melta, and any flamers, just to be different.

I had run so many melta spam lists, and I just wanted to do it a different way.

Well, it worked, sorta. But I went too far. And I got spanked by twin Raiders, which I pretty much knew I would.

So now the question: How to bring it back the other direction. How to put some more of the "tools" back in the "tool box" to ensure that the army is truly balanced and take all comers ready for the NEXT GT (The Seattle Heart of Fire Tournament, in March).

In addition to the lack of melta, I realized that I have a basic inability to project troops choices into my opponent's deployment table edge. Apparently, some TO's feel like you shouldn't be able to win games unless you can move all your troops to you opponent's half of the board. Now, I don't plan on completely abandoning my Foot Slogging style or my Cyclones, but maybe we can find a tool or two to fix that problem too?

All thoughts and suggestions welcome. I have rewritten the list already but I want to see what YOU guys think. Maybe you'll come up with some thoughts and insights I haven't so far.

Please note, I don't mean to abandon the basic army concept, meaning Logan and Njal. Beyond that, all bets are off. I can do just about any unit for this army, so just free-style it.