Monday, January 17, 2011

Sending a Message to GW

So,  I will be direct ordering a Sammael model from GW.


Not ordering third party? Not trawling eBay for the best deals? (Yes I know third party sales still provide profit to GW, Dethron Dethtron (don't hurt me dude!!), no need to come edumacate me, lol).

Nope. Direct order. New merchandise. Straight from the mama-jama herself (I think of companies as women for... many reasons).

Anyways, I thought about trying to organize a "let's all place an order from GW day" to try to send a message about the recent FAQ updates to the corporate powers that be: THIS is the right way to run a gaming company.

But that sounds like a lot of work.

So I'm just going to order one myself.

I figure out of the entire model range there is nothing that I can order that more clearly says "Hey jerkoffs, you updated the old army, and now I'm giving you my money. Only a few YEARS late, ya yokels, but still good job. Keep it up!" It would be interesting if there was a noticeable uptick in their BT/DA sales. Just sayin.

Plus I am going to use it. And it still looks awesome.

I would encourage you to provide some positive feedback to the company in some way. Maybe an email, maybe a purchase of an obviously BT/DA product. Dunnoh. I can only tell you that I like the way things are shaping up, and I'm going to encourage it in my own small way.