Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Space Marine Video Game... FML

No challenge intended.

 Well, I have a lot of things I need to do today.

But I just played through the Demo (available on X-Box Live for Download).

What can I say... it's pretty rad. I had it on hard and got killed at the beginning while I figured it out. Then I got through to the last fight where two Nobs showed up... and realized you can't just go Toe-to-Toe with two Nobs and live. Died... a lot. Realized the game rewards a nice balance of getting in close and tearing apart a bunch of shit, then getting clear and using your Bolter while your "shield" recharges.

It's got a mechanic very similar to Halo, really. Your armor grants you an initial "shield" which when depleted goes into your health. The armor recharges after a while, your health does not. In order to regain health, you have to stun things and then "Execute" them, which basically means you saw something in half with your chainsword in true cinematic fashion. Makes for a very visually appealing and good experience with you chopping apart a bunch of dudes, then stunning them all, grabbing one and stomping his head in or sawing him in half for health, then backing off emptying a clip of your Bolter into anything that gets close.

Lots of fun. Definitely looking forward to the full meal deal. I have high hopes that this will bring lots of new people into the hobby...

...of course they will all be playing Spesh Mareenz... (SinSynn groans :)