Monday, January 31, 2011

SinSynn, You Owe Me Five Minutes...

...I will never get back that precious section of my life after reading through first Goatboy's article (which is very accurate) and then starting through the comment section at BoLS. And I KNOW I will never get back my lost brain cells after reading this (Edited to save you some of the precious seconds that I had to burn reading it):

"I agree, this article is purely a personal justification for doing what you want with list building while ignoring the most important rule (Fun). It's also completely fluff ignorant, while knowing it at the same time, which is the worse kind of yuck...
...I know your bag is tournament play, but bloody hell, it ain't half boring after a while "I play to win, I have fun winning, I must win, win win win win win, Win for the Win God!" why not challenge youself to make a decent, ballanced army? I really hope the new army selection percentages in fantasy make it into the next edition of 40k.... "

This is just crap. Pure, unadulterated bullshit.

Look, I am a pretty open minded guy. I really am. And I really, really enjoy incorporating the fluff and backstory into my armies. I will even make some choices that are "sub-par" if I feel like doing so adds a lot to my theme or the story of the particular army.

Let's say, on the issue of fluff, I am supportive.

And furthermore, I support "fluff bunnies." These are the people who truly don't give a crap about winning as long as their army looks good and tells a story.

If that's how they enjoy the game, more power to them.

Now, I will always be here, holding out the olive branch of "competitive hobbying" and encouraging them to fully engage in ALL ASPECTS of the hobby... but I also won't look down on them if they choose to opt out of the competition side.

But this, this is just over the line. This is what happens when fluff bunnies turn rabid. Then they become... fluff nazis.

So let's take his bolded statements in order:

"...doing what you want with list building..." Ummm... yes! I do what I want with list building. What am I supposed to be doing? What YOU want? What the invisible Game Designers want? What Dan Abnett wants? (Ok, I'm sorry. I'm reading Prospero Burns, and it rocks. Dan, I'm sorry I dragged you into this - you're cool man). Seriously, if we aren't doing what we want in this hobby (whether that's competition OR fluff OR both) then what's the fucking point? (I get to swear because I'm in IHOP now)! EVERYONE should be doing what they want, and finding like-minded people who enjoy doing that TOO, not harping on others because you don't like the way they hobby. Ugh.

"...worse kind of yuck..." God this guy makes me angry. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.


"...why not challenge youself to make a decent, ballanced army?" Why don't you challenge YOURSELF to build an army that can be competitive AND interesting to play?

Sigh. Sorry, I'm not trying to be angry, but sometimes people... yeah.