Saturday, January 22, 2011

Conquest Seattle - Round 1 Results

Faced a Daemons of Nurgle Army.

She got her preferred wave but deployed riskily and took some mishaps. One Daemon Prince was destroyed, one was placed across the table, and one came in within assault range of a Lone Wolf.

18 Plague Bearers and Epidemius came in on the center objective. I was able to get 2 Thunderwolves and a single Lone Wolf into that unit at the top of turn 2. One Lone Wolf rolled snake-eyes for terrain and stood there looking dumb. Of course a 35 out of 36 chance to get into combat is still not... quite... good enough.

Anyways, Logan popped his attack ability at the top of two, which is rare. We did enough damage to basically leave Epidemius alone on the table to be chewed apart, and everything else got shot to pieces as it came in.

Victory with max bonus, I have pictures and a full batrep will follow.

Not the best army and the opponent got frustrated and started to take some extreme risks which cost her. Lesson to self - don't get upset/stressed/angry and start doing dumb shit.

Later gators.