Friday, January 21, 2011

Melta-support for Loganwing?

Nichley said:

"For some reason I wonder if I can incorperate GH melta bunkers into the list. just 2 to hang in the mid-field. Not sure I would need them, just want to get some melta in the list.

Thoughts my Loganwing experts?"

I don't think that Rhinos work in a Logan-wing list, no. Any list that's actually scared of mobile melta will have the tools to take down 2-3 Rhinos PDQ. Then you have 2-3 squads of Grey Hunters on Foot with meltaguns.

You can take combi-weapons on any Wolf Guard for 5 points. So if you really want people on foot with meltaguns, throw a combi or two into the Wolf Guard units. Probably not an ideal solution, but better than wasting 70-105 points on Rhinos that will just die.

Better options for getting meltas into a Logan list are:

Drop Pod Melta-Wolf Guard - You can do two pods or three, you can make them suicide squads (3 man) or actual legit troop choices (6-7 dudes with 4 combimeltas, 3 combiflamers and a Power Fist or Power Fist terminator). Depends on your build and what you want to do with them.

Drop Pod Multimelta Longfangs with Logan/Arjac or Wolf Guard - This can be easily combined with the above choices as well. I probably wouldn't use him with just one Drop Pod but two pods in a list can be very effective. You have one pod coming down turn one but YOU get to choose which one it is, and with a 6-7 man Wolf Guard squad packing 3 combi-flamers in the other pod, you don't present him with many good options (if he bubble wraps with infantry you fry them with flamers, if he goes into reserve you drop on an objective, if he puts his juicy double Land Raiders out in front of god and everyone you nail them with split-firing Long Fangs).

Wolf Scouts -  An excellent and tactically flexible choice, can be infiltrated to make midfield a dangerous kill zone, or can outflank to cause problems for mech gunlines.

Ye Olde Land Speeder - A Space Marine Mainstay, and for good reason. If you want to keep your cavalry you can take two in a squadron (normally not recommended but for deep-striking melta not a bad idea) and still get two units of Thunder Wolves.

Putting It All Together:

There's lots of ways to do this, but this is good I think (and different from the "normal" Loganwing):

2000 Points Loganwing: You Can Run, But...

Logan Grimnar

Wolf Scouts x 5, Meltagun

Wolf Guard x 5, Terminator with Cyclone Launcher, Storm Shield, Power Fist, Arjac Rockfist
Wolf Guard x 5, Terminator with Cyclone Launcher, Storm Shield, Power Fist
Wolf Guard x 5, Terminator with Cyclone Launcher, Storm Shield, Power Fist
Wolf Guard x 5, Terminator with Cyclone Launcher, Storm Shield, Power Fist
Wolf Guard x 6, Combimelta x 4, Combiflamer x 2, Power Armor Wolf Claw, Drop Pod

Thunderwolf Cavalry x 3, Power Fist
Thunderwolf Cavalry x 3, Power Fist
Land Speeder x 2, Multimelta x 2, Heavy Flamer x 2

Long Fangs x 4, Multimelta x 4, Pack Leader, Drop Pod

So deployment looks like this:

-You have Arjac break off and join the Long Fangs in a Drop Pod with Logan (of course)
-You can either have the one Wolf Guard with a combi-melta and Wolf Claw break off and join the Wolf Scouts, or stay with the main unit, depending upon what you want/need them to do. You then are left with either 3 or 4 combimeltas and 2 combi-flamers in a Drop Pod.
-Wolf Guard units deploy on the board and provide fire support/scoring (and can also beat up on a lot of weak units in CC).
-Thunderwolves deploy close to where you anticipate dropping Logan to support his unit.
-Scouts can infiltrate to help "funnel" enemy armor where you want them for the Loganbomb/Wolf Guard, or can outflank to nail something from your enemy's board edge.

This list has a lot of "flex" in how it deploys, and doesn't leave your opponent with any "safe" deployment options. The Wolf Guard troops in this list are equipped to operate without needing a lot of additional support, so hopefully they can survive against anything that wants to come mess with them.

Those are my thoughts, anyhow, hope that helps.