Thursday, January 27, 2011

Running a RTT - Olympic Cards & Comics, Saturday Feb 5th

One of the REALLY nice things about having my own blog is the ability to promote purely local events. Especially local events that I happen to be running, lol.

It's my blog, right?

So if you are a "left coastie" like me, please feel free to join us next Saturday, February 5th, for a Rogue Trader Tournament at Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacey, Washington.

Here's the store website, which includes address, phone, etc:

What you need to know:

When: Registration at 10:00, dice drop at 11:00 (that's AM folks, I'm not pulling an all-niter).
Where: Olympic Cards and Comics, Lacey WA
Price: $15 (that's American, you Northern chuckleheads :) gets you in. 
What: 2000 Points of 40k Awesomeness. 3 rounds.
Why: To Kick Ass and Take Names, that's why. Players of all calibers and competition levels are welcome, fluff bunnies will be treated with loving care, hard core competitors will find the challenge they are looking for.

How: This tournament will be run NOVA-style. Three games, Win/Loss only. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Final Tiebreakers should ensure no draws. At the end of the day, we will award one "Best Overall" based upon combined Battle Performance, Paint and Sports.

Best General award will not be attainable at this event, as should be expected with a proper Win/Loss tourney of only three rounds and with more than eight players. Instead, all undefeated players with their three "kills" each will be declared Tournament Aces and the prize support for Best General (equal to Best Overall) will be evenly split among them.

In addition, all Tournament Aces plus the Best Overall will receive an invitation to a special follow-on event "The Octagon." Once we have eight qualified players we will do a separate one day, three round event to crown ONE player the "best of the best."

So if you live within driving distance, or happen to be visiting the beautiful Pacific Northwest next weekend, please come on down.