Friday, October 28, 2011

150,000 Page Views, Plus Necrons!

Ok, well, I have suffered a few setbacks recently, but let's not let a few foolish missteps hold us back, shall we?

I recently hit 150,000 page views. This kind of blows my mind, to be perfectly honest. To think that that many eyes have been on my site (or that people would spend so LONG looking at my site) is truly amazing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Adsense Account has been Terminated

Sad day. I think I probably shouldn't have encouraged people to click on ads on my birthday. I have lost all the revenue I made on that day, and all the revenue I had earned up till that point - almost an entire year's effort gone.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Twilight Imperium for my Birthday...

So, using my birthday funds (from family, not from ads), I decided I was going to purchase a game I have long lusted after but never pulled the trigger on - Twilight Imperium. And, I have heard from so many places that you "need" the expansion Shattered Empire that I picked that up too.

I can't really say much for the game yet as I have not gotten a chance to play. But the materials are certainly of the highest quality, as I have come to expect from Fantasy Flight.

I am really hoping to be able to find a day during the Thanksgiving break to get a few buddies together and play through a game. I will let you know how it goes.

Anyone else have any experience with TI3?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Timmah Says Hello... Long Time No Chat

Hey Purgatus,

Hey its Timmah, old ytth writer/reader.  I sadly just found your blog.

The good news is I've read a lot of your stuff in the past back when
you were writing for YTTH.

So I was going to toss you a link over at my new blog
(  I figured I would say hey and just let you

Monday, October 17, 2011

Facepalm... People Who Are Bad At Maths...

Just taking a few minutes to cruise the almighty interwebz looking for rumors about Necrons. Yes, I am a consumer whore. Fuck off.

I was this excited about Nids, and will be this excited about Chaos and Dark Angels too.

Anyways, I stumbled across this little gem.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

You Guys Are Ridiculous... awesome.

I don't know who is clicking ads and "supporting my sponsors" but... I could buy a Stormraven now.


I have made half as much today in ad revenue as I have in like, the entire history of the blog.

Whoa... Ads Are Cool

So far today you guys have bought me a blister!

No, not a Finecast Blister. That would be ridiculous.

It's Purgatus' Birthday, Bitches!


28 today. Now you know.

If you want to give me a present, spend a half an hour clicking on as many ads as you can. It's easier than a "Donate" button and all the money will go to plastic crack/hobby travel or something along those lines.

I Just Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

 Hey! It's been a long time. How are you?

"100101001 10110 1010101 101010101 111100 101011001 001"

Well, I've been doing pretty good, ya know? I've been seeing a few different people. Loganwing. Dark Angels. Grey Knights. Just trying to mix it up a bit.

"10001010010101001101 101001 101010101010..."

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grey Knights - A Different Approach

So, still just kicking around different ideas. I think the basics are definitely there, but putting the lists together in different ways helps you to understand what you gain and lose with different setups, and that can inform your decision making.

So this is more of a traditional approach, taking the Psybolt Heavy Bolter backs and eschewing the TL Assault Cannons. In return for the loss of Strength 7 shots, you can fit in another Strike squad and their transport, and you can give the Inquisitors combimeltas. The combimeltas give you a bit more versatility. If going first they can attach to the Henchmen squads and get first turn melta-strikes on your enemy. If going second the Inquisitors can ride in Razorbacks and hang out in midfield.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Email In - Critique My Wolves

Buddy wrote me, asking for some criticism from ze masses. Here ya go, some red meat for ya.

If you don't have anything better to post about on your blog, toss this up there. Nobody seems to care on warsound, lol, and I know that your blog isn't REALLY going into hibernation (jk, obviously RL is more important lol).

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Still Working on some Grey Knight Ideas

Still thinking I would like to build this next army as Grey Knights. Still thinking I would like to play with Stormravens. It just sounds... fun. Sue me. Lol.

As I was thinking about my Stormraven ideas, one thing kept bothering me, and that is that the Stormravens will certainly just get killed immediately if I'm going second. There's just nothing you can do to keep an AV 12 vehicle safe if it's hanging in the sky.

Walking Dead Show... How Did I Not Hear About This?

I loved this comic series, though I never did buy/finish them all. I can't believe they turned it into a cable show. Too cool.

I'm not sure about you guys, but the best stuff in media these days really seem to be the cable shows. I'm really looking forward to Game of Thrones coming out on Netflix too (I'm watching Walking Dead on Netflix through my X-Box).

Movies just don't seem to get the same "Bang for their Buck" as the cable series do.

Anyways, if you didn't know, Walking Dead is available on Netflix online. If you haven't watched it yet, check it out.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gaming Night - Nids Again

Got another good game in against the same IG player as last time. He brought a few more tanks this time, and it was proportionally more difficult, but I did win solidly again. Still playing my Tournament Nids, and sincemy opponent only has 1750 worth of models for this game I dropped one of my Tyrannofexes.

We played the Total War scenario, meaning that there were two Capture and Control objectives, three Seize Ground objectives and Kill Points all in play. This is by far still my favorite scenario I have seen or played. The NOVA missions might be more strategically challenging, but there is something to be said for the elegance of the Total War mission. It's still interesting and challenging but much simpler to play.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

School Kicking My Ass - Plus Infinity


I'm glad you guys are giving some good feedback on 6th edition... because 6th might be my next chance to play this game... lol.

I have been catching some painting time 15 minutes at a time. I have been enjoying getting back to painting this army immensely, even if it is just a "bit at a time." 

I don't know why, but Infinity has captured my attention recently (as I know it has lots of gamer's). I'm ready to be convinced to play this game. Anyone out there care to try convincing me?