Monday, January 31, 2011

SinSynn, Trying to Prove Me Wrong... Failing. ;D (Just Joking Around Peeps!)

"Wait one darn second, there, Purgatus!
I seem to recall you saying, 'why take Jaws? I don't like Jaws. Jaws is silly. There are better options than Jaws.'
Well, your turn one in this batrep is EXACTLY why I ALWAYS recommend Trygons before Carnifexes.
You removed an expensive model prior to it doing ANYTHING, and it cost you NOTHING. You just pointed, and *poof*.....problem solved.
I'm sure the Nid player was all like, "yeah, that seems fair." LMAO....
And I suspected, you and pretty much every other Wolf player bring a Jaws Rune Priest in your list...
I'd say that worked out pretty well for you, didn't it?
So please, next time I post up a lengthy reply explaining my opinions of Jaws, Fexes and Trygons, don't brush me off with a TL,DR, and then go on to explain that Carnifexes rock, Trygons blow and no one brings Jaws...
Cuz I think you just proved yourself wrong, my friend...."

Ahah! A challenger approaches!

Sin, I didn't brush you off, lol. I do not agree that "pretty much every other Wolf player brings a Jaws Rune Priest..." I wouldn't normally, no. I happened to have Njal, who has, ya know, every power. And I definitely didn't say that I don't like jaws or that jaws is silly.

So of course I used Jaws when I had it and the opportunity presented itself. My opponent basically gift wrapped it for me because he was clueless about my army.

But normal Rune Priests probably will be running LL and Tempest's Fury. Because Jaws is too situational. Really, really awesome when the right situation presents itself, and perfectly useless in others.

I am also not convinced that Carnifexes are useless. I think that this player had no idea what was coming, and got caught off-foot. He didn't know what Jaws did, he didn't know what Njal did, he didn't know what Cyclones did - basically just didn't know anything about Wolves.

Had he known, he could have easily kept those Fexes out of range of my Jaws - he was packing Heavy Venom Cannons ferchrissakes.

For the record, I agree that Trygons are awesome. I just don't think that Fexes are as terribad as people think they are. They are very vulnerable to Jaws, sure.

But I can kill a 260 point Land Raider with a suicide melta-squad too...

Stay cool, man. ;D