Saturday, January 22, 2011

Conquest Seattle - Round 2 Results

Win, Max Bonus Points.

A strange "your house, my house" mission where you could only capture your opponent's objectives. He was playing a Swarmlord list with Genestealers and Carnifexes x 2, Trygon and Mawlok, Warriors with Deathspitters and a large unit of Raveners. His MVPs were Raveners. As I have been thinking, they synergize with the Swarmlord very nicely with Furious Charge and 2 sets of Scything Talons.

Basically he underestimated my list's long range firepower, and after the first turn of shooting he "blinked" and started trying to pull back and get cover for his TMCs. That put me in a position to isolate and destroy one of his "wings" and then walk up my right board side shooting at his forces on his left board side, while screening with TWC and Lone Wolves. 2 of my Lone Wolves and all three of my TWC were sacrificed to hold up his Swarmlord. Eventually he worked his way through them (losing his escort and taking multiple wounds). Unfortunately he broke out of combat on MY turn and then ate a Wolf Guard unit down to the last man, but stayed in combat. Worst possible outcome. On my turn I had no choice but to suicide charge with my Wolf Guard Battle Leader and Logan to protect my vulnerable troop unit.

He dumped all his attacks into Logan, killing him by one wound (with the last wound failing on the re-rolled invul). I did one more wound to him in combat during my turn. During his turn he finished killing the WGBL and the last Wolf Guard terminator, and then on my turn I was able to finish him off (the last model left for him) with Multimeltas and Krak missiles. It was definitely tasking, trying to play the game of keeping him in combats while I took care of his army and then trying to dump him out of combat on his turn.

The guy was a real gentleman and even though I could tell he was getting a bit down at one point he rallied nicely and started to just laugh about it. So even though it was a BP game and I essentially was forced to table him, I hope that he at least enjoyed the banter a bit. And he DID chop Logan to bits with his Swarmlord, so that's pretty cool.

I'm sad to say that my camera's battery has died. It's probably for the best as I suspect that I'm really going to need to be focussed as I'm definitely going to be swimming with the sharks from here out with a max BP score thus far. Don't worry, you will get one photo batrep, and I'll try to do Vassal batreps as well. I also have lots of pics of the armies on display.

Wish me luck, it's going to get tougher from here.