Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Layout - Thoughts?

So, I've gotten at least two complaints that Intense Debate is too difficult to sign in to. Kirby suggested it, and I do like it, but I will go back to blogger if enough people are having trouble using it. Easy access for the readers > ease of use for the author. But if anyone knows how to open up the settings on Intense Debate a bit to allow for more types of logins (yes I have Twitter and Facebook turned on already) that might be helpful.

Anyways, things are trucking along nicely thus far. I did want all of your feedback on the look and layout of the blog. Flames have always been kinda my thing, but if it's too difficult to read just let me know and I'll tone it down. Oh, and yes, that picture on the header is my mini, one of the first that I painted 'well,' it's an Inquisitorial Henchmen which has been modified to have a flaming hand/psyker power, etc.

Ummm... what else? I have a test mini for my Nids army finished. I will take some photos and put that up. We WILL be continuing on with our "Quest for the Best" for Tyranids. Just give me a few days to get my feet under me here.

I have already gotten a few emails in. That's awesome. If you guys have any special requests or suggestions just send them to .

Thanks for all the support, almost 50 followers after only two days is pretty awesome. Spread the word.