Saturday, January 22, 2011

Conquest Seattle - Round 3 Results


I'm not going to lie, it's tough to put this online for god and everyone.

Round 3 was a loss.

Kill Point mission, Dawn of War deployment.

My opponent:

Vulkan, Techpriest, 2 Tactical Squads in Land Raider Redeemers and 2, ten man Assault Terminator squads.

Yeah. About those Kill Points.

Yeah, about having one melta-unit.

I played the odds, and I knew that my hard counter was double Raider. One I could deal with. Two, maybe if I still had my scouts (yeah, yeah Stelek, "I told you so," you don't have to say it).

Now, I did wreck one Raider, one was Immobilized on terrain (but too far for my Wolves to get to effectively) and I wiped out one ten man terminator squad and was well on the way to doing in the second. If the game had gone to seven I probably would have gained a KP on him but with two live Lone Wolves still on the board it would still have been a loss.

It didn't hurt that the opponent was quite skilled. He's been playing this army for four years and Warhammer for "a bit" longer than that.

I knew I wasn't going to walk away with Best Overall this GT. But you know... I had hope.

So I learned something. I learned to listen to own advice when I tell people not to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The army is excellent, but man, it has a glaring gap.

I'm a really competitive guy. Obviously. I worry that when the game is really close people are going to think I'm mad or an asshole, but really I'm just focused. That game forced me to focus like a fucking laserbeam. I looked at his list and was thinking "Oh fuck. How the hell am I going to DO this."

I played like a man. I used Jaws and Hurricane on his Terminators to manage them as a threat, and keep them at arm's length until I could focus and crush them. I destroyed one, and was close on the second. I think I did pretty much everything I could with the army and deployment I had (Starting your Lone Wolves 12" further back really fucks them up bad). I just forgot a few tools back in the tool shed.

Like Land Speeders.

And scouts.

L. O. L.

Now there is one thing that I DID mess up, now that I think about it. I should have done a better job of ringing his Land Raider in so I could force him to Tank Shock a Lone Wolf when he moved. Maybe. Just maybe, that could have given it to me.

Oh well. This blog is about my quest, and yours I would guess if you're reading, to improve. To pursue excellence, to learn, to better ourselves.

It's not about "winning" Best Overall. It's about getting knocked down and LEARNING from that, and next time doing better. It's about our efforts to achieve excellence, and the things we learn along the way.

That's the true meaning of competition.

Now I need to let it go. Get a good night's sleep.

And tomorrow do my best to kick some more ass.