Friday, April 29, 2011

BoLS Is a Cess Pool

Yeah, that's pretty much the gist of this post.

The very worst of humanity is expressed in their comment threads.

The very dumbest of 40k analysts write their articles.

I am sick and tired of being lured into visiting their site, usually because some other blogger says "omg, this article is AWFUL" or "Jesus, this comment thread made me want to slice open my own bowels."

Hell, I've even been guilty of doing the same damned thing.

I'm done. No more. Never again.

Not visiting for rumors. Not visiting for leaked pictures. Not visiting for the worst tactics articles on the web, nor the vilest commentors in the entire community.

I'm boycotting BoLS. I don't care whether you join me. Let it be my personal stand against people who make this hobby look awful.

And yes, I hold them responsible for the asshattery that occurs daily in their comments threads. Yes, they should mod the shit out of those threads, because at this point, that's what's required.

Notice I've never modded a comment here? But I set the tone, I establish expectations, and people that choose to engage on this site do so within those boundaries.

The admins set the tone, and they have allowed things to devolve into an utter abomination.

I'm done.

Attention Washingtonians/Oregonians...

... or really anyone with the time and willingness to drive to Olympia, Washington. I am running a Rogue Trader Tournament tomorrow. Registration starts at 10:00 AM and dice are dropping at 11:00. More details below.

It will be a 2000 point, Win/Loss three round tourney using the NOVA format for missions.

Here are the essential details:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Page 5...

So got in my first and second games of Hordes. One at 26 points (basically random assortment of models on hand) and one at 35 points (my Tier 4 eKaya list which I hope to actually practice and get good with).

The first game I got torn apart by a Menoth list, tried for an assassination run and failed because of rules fail.

The second game was much more interesting, so here's a brief (man, nothing I ever write is short) writeup.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Updates... (Hordes, Warmachine, Nids and Hobby)

 Image copyright Privateer Press. No challenge intended.

Got a cool game of Warmahordes in last night. My 26 points of Circle Orboros versus 26 points of my buddy's Menoth. He beat me down hard, of course. I tried to make a desperate assassination run with my caster with flight but then learned that you have to have LOS to declare a charge. Bummer. Anyways, I learned a lot (my buddy wasn't super familiar with Hordes so it was pretty painful at times) and had a good time.

I get the feeling I will be getting my ass handed to me for quite a while with this new game but hey, maybe not.

Anyways, this is the list that I am building towards, a Tier 4 eKaya list (yeah, I'm not sure that the Tier lists are competitive but I like warbeasts, what can I say).

Feral Warpfolf
Pureblood Warpwolf
Gnarlhorn Satyr
Druids of Orboros
Shifting Stones
Stone Shaper
Warpborn Skinwalkers

That's 35 points. We'll see.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Got Tabled By An Eleven Year Old

Happy Easter! 

Yep, last night I got stomped. :D

He was brand new, bright eyed and with more AoBR Marines than I've ever seen in one place, lol.

And wouldn't ya know, my guys kept getting left out in the open exactly 16" away from four of his squads at a time... gah, the plasma/bolter death...!

His grasp of the basics was surprisingly solid, which was nice. He was quite meticulous even, like after every assault he would say "The Defenders React" and move his models. Very endearing. He was being very polite though clearly excited for his victory. It just goes to show that underneath it all, being successful against a challenge is part of the intrinsic value of a game like this. In other words, healthy competition is... healthy.

Anyways, got to chit-chat with his dad for a while afterwards, who is also a brand new player playing with Orks. Both solid people who got into the hobby because of the Dawn of War video games. Interesting how that works.

Anyways, that was my Saturday night. Then I got talked into picking up the core rules for Hordes Mk II, and got so excited about it that I knocked out most of a warbeast when I got home (I snapped a few photos to show what I got done last night but I'm not feeling like doing the whole upload thing right now).

Anyways, I'm going to finish up my Feral Warpwolf and start into my Pureblood. I also put my first paint down on my Imperial Guard commission army, and hope to make good progress on that soon.

I spent the day today with ma familia. What did you guys do this weekend?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Ard Boyz Musings (Nids)

 I think I'm going to take the Nids to Ard Boyz this year. They don't need to be painted, so that's a plus.

Just playing around with various combinations, trying to find something that I feel will perform at the Prelims decently.

Prime, Regen, LW/BS, Scything Talons
Prime, Regen, LW/BS, Rending Claws

Zoanthropes x 3
Hive Guard x 3
Hive Guard x 3

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sounds Like a FNIF To Me... (Oh, and thoughts on list formats).

Normally I don't like sending traffic to BoLS over their most awful, stupid and idiotically bad articles... it's like giving a bully a cookie every time they beat you up after school.

But this thread is so bad, and the comments so much WORSE, that I just have to break my rule this once.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playing Portal 2... I'm So Excite!

Just starting out. I've been stoked about this game since my buddy made me play it, and I realized Portal was one of the best games... ever.

I usually see video games as a diversion... nay, a distraction, from my more edifying hobby (40k). But Portal rocked so hard I can't help but be excited. And it's gotten good reviews.

Here you go, Valve. Free advertisement. Check it out.

Of Dice and Men - (In)Precision Dice and You

Setsunakai, one of our locals, recently posted this on a local forum. I thought it was very interesting, so I have reposted it here with his permission.

Here's Setsunakai:

The humble Dice, the under appreciated yet most crucial part of our game. As most of you know I put a lot of stock in a unit's hypothetical statistics, but in order for those numbers to mean anything the dice has to be balanced on each of its axes.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maths Request - Hotshot versus Stormbolter

Hiya Purg. Drinniol here humbly requesting you crunch some numbers :)

I have been writing a GK list and I was interested in how hot-shot lasguns perform against storm bolters in the hands of warrior acolytes.

Sure thing bud. Now, to start off, I think it's important to say that the answer will certainly be "it depends," as with so many things in life. The answer will change based upon range, target armor, and whether the target gets cover.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Whoa... 111 Followers!


Hobby Day Today

Working on finishing up all the building steps on my Grey Knights. Quite fun. I'll try and post up pictures later. I know I have enough "wings" to build at least eight of the Interceptors, and I need to scrounge for two sets I think. I built all of the "Psycannons" for both Power Armor and Terminator Armor. I need to build 4 halberds (2 Power Armor, 2 Terminator size).

I'm going to hit up the hobby shop and get some trees for the table and some rattle cans for the Guard army too.

Quite fun actually. Also cleaning up around the house and cooking good healthy meals. Feeling good. After the first withdrawals from sugar and refined carbs, eating healthy is like being on a drug. The sunshine helps too.

All in all, a great day for us. Hope everything is going well for all you germs as well!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Swarmlord - Now with Devilgaunts!

Swarmlord, Tyrant Guard x 2, Lashwhips

Tervigon, Catalyst, Scything Talons (darned 5 points)
Termagants x 10, Devourers
Termagants x 10, Devourers
Termagants x 10, Devourers
Genestealers x 20

Hive Guard x 2
Hive Guard x 2
Hive Guard x 2

Tyrannofex, Rupture Cannon, Dessicator Swarm, Cluster Spines
Tyrannofex, Rupture Cannon, Dessicator Swarm, Cluster Spines

I've got my anti-mech core that I like, the Swarmlord for buffing and wide synapse range (and the option to outflank the Genestealers if I need to). Combining the Genestealers lets me get FNP and Preferred Enemy on the whole bunch if I need to.

I know Nardy had recommended regular Gants to protect the Devilgants, but I think the 20 Genestealers should be a sufficient screening force.

I dunnoh, seems nasty to me. No MEQ army likes facing 90 Strength 4 shots.

Competitive Modeling - A Discussion

Competitive Modelling...
Not this.
Ahhhh...  can you smell that? (Hint, it's not what Purgatus is cooking).

It's Friday, and that's the sweet, sweet smell of freedom.

I had a really stressful and really good week at work. No complaints on that front, but it's good to take a breather.

So I started out wanting to talk about this excellent Termagant conversion tutorial that SinSynn pointed out, and I realized that this is a perfect opportunity to talk about Competitive Modeling. This is a concept that I've had rattling around in my head for a while, not sure I was ready to try and explain it. I'm going to give it a whirl.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

BlogRoll Update... Now's Your Chance

So I feel like I may have missed a few blogroll requests in the last few months. And I'm not really interested in digging through my emails looking for them.

So to separate out those who actually, ya know, read my blog from those who just pop in for a few days, get on the blogroll and then jet, here's your chance.

Link your blog in the comments below and I will put you on the blogroll, unless your blog is absolute trash and then I won't. But you read Best Overall, so doubtless your blogs are only the highest quality with refined articles for the discerning reader, amirite? ;D

Also, if you feel like a blog really deserves to be recognized, even if it's not your own, feel free to 'nominate' them in the comments with a short blurb as to why I should be reading them (and providing them with free publicity).

Thanks... :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Test Interceptor Photos, and Some Thoughts on Model-less Units

So due to the good graces of my buddy Chappy, who's bitz bin truly knows no limits, I have been able to make some progress on my Guardians of the Covenant Counts As Grey Knights. I wanted to do something with the Interceptors to make them stand out from the Grey Knights, but still be recognizable for what they are.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Dual Tyrant List

Something I whipped up today. Dropping any pretense of mobile elements in favor of additional resilience.

Just going for more Dakka and resiliency, and keeping the psychic defence that I think we need. The Tyrants are more shooty and less choppy but you still have six MCs which is not to be scoffed at. Quite a lot of resilient wounds marching towards you...

Is it better than more mobile lists, Genestealers, Ravenors, etc? Not necessarily. But it has a certain appeal.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Swarmlord 2k Test List

Copyright Games Workshop, No challenge intended.

I'm going to clearly say "test list" every time I post anything now, lest I be yelled at by SinSynn. ;D

Where IS SinSynn, anyways? I expected him to be all over his post... strangely absent. Anyways.

I'm not going to have time to put together the batrep tonight, so to whet your appetites I'll post the list I ran.

Tyrant Guard x 2, Lashwhips x 2
Prime, Lashwhip/Bonesword, Regeneration

Interviewed on 11th Company - Talking About Nids

My interview is right after Synaps3's interview, which is nice. Here's a link to the podcast. I'm not sure what the exact time is that my part starts, but Pat's section starts at 1:32. Let me know what you think!

Nids Versus Grey Knights – Not That Bad, Actually

It's upon us.
So, the sky is falling. Again.

Just like Dark Eldar, Nids have zero chance against Grey Knights. The internet says so.

Zip. Zilcho. Nada.

Force weapons and mass Stormbolters are the doom of the Nids army. Just like Poison Weapons and Dark Light spam.


I don’t think so. AbusePuppy is a pretty sharp guy, but on this I guess we disagree.

Just like with Dark Eldar, people are focusing of the advantages of the enemy codex versus us, not the advantages/tools/tricks we get versus them.

This is common, but it’s also wrong.

Let’s talk about Force Weapons, shall we?

I know, I know. They will instantly kill anything they touch.

Do not pass go.

Do not collect a Kill Point (well ok, you get a Kill Point).

But they are still wound you on a 6, unless you pass a Psychic check.

They are still only power weapons, unless they pass a psychic check.

And you have to choose between wounding on a 5 or insta-killing, unless you have some very specific circumstances.

They are still on one attack models, unless you are spending extra points on Purifiers or Terminators, and thus making yourself more vulnerable to getting swarmed.

“But the Strike squad will ALWAYS get off Hammerhand AND Force Weapons, because they will be ALWAYS be supported by an Independent Character and will ALWAYS pass their psychic checks, right?” 


Most always the Grey Knights will have to choose – Strength 5 or Force Weapons.

Often they will choose Force Weapons. If they do, they will still need to wound you on a 6. Yes, that hurts, but will it always be successful? No. Especially if you can limit their swings and their hits with whittling down their numbers and Paroxysm.

You know. Tactics.
And it’s silly to simultaneously complain about “Shadow in the Warp is a short ranged effect that only works on troops in the open!” while also noting that “We are going to get slaughtered by Force weapons in base to base with our monstrous creatures while standing in the open!

Do you really think that a properly played Nids army will EVER allow Hammerhand or Force Weapons to go off that AREN’T being cast through Shadows in the Warp? Really?

I will admit I haven’t gotten in a dozen games of Grey Knights versus my Nids yet. But it really only takes one game to figure out which things can go in the “almost always,” “often,” “sometimes” and “rarely” happens categories. Right?

I’m putting “Grey Knights taking a psychic check against a TMC while not under the influence of SiTW” in the “almost never” pile. If they have thinned out your Synapse creatures THAT badly that they are assaulting your T-Fexes or whatever without SiTW, you have already lost.

Now, granted, Nemesis Force Hammers with Force Weapon status are nasty monstrous creature killers.

No doubt.

But they still have to pass the power. And remember that the weapon will likely be on a Justicar/Knight of the Flame, so will get zapped if the unit suffers a Perils attack (a not entirely unlikely event if under Shadows with the number of powers they are casting).

Remember that Grey Knights can still be blocked by cheap troops. Remember that Grey Knight vehicles can still be destroyed. Remember that troops with 3+ armor saves still don't enjoy taking a metric butt ton of wounds. Remember they still have to REACH your MC's to kill them.

Lots of things to consider.

Lots of ways to figure out their plan, and take it apart.

I got my first game in against Grey Knights last night with a Swarmlord list I had been waiting to test out. I emerged victorious. It was an excellent, close and tough fought battle which went to the THIRD goal in a NOVA mission.

But I in no way was beaten down into a pulp. Did I lose Monstrous Creatures to force weapons? Yes, twice. Do I have more than 2 Monstrous Creatures? Yep. ;D

Grey Knights can be beaten. Our codex has flaws, but they are flaws with the Dex, not because our opponents "auto-win" against us. Don't focus on the opponent, focus on your list. Focus on bringing the tools you need to take on ALL opponents, practice your ass off, and you CAN be successful.

Oh, I will say that I am more convinced than EVER that Deathleaper should be strongly considered for any Nids list that relies heavily on getting off psychic powers or is afraid of psychic powers. Alternatively, I have been more and more interested in Broodlords.

But that's not JUST because of Grey Knights. It's because they fill a need in MY list, against ANY opponent.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Proper Care and Feeding of Tyranids - SinSynn's Expose, Part III

Hey guys, thanks for bearing with me for a while as I needed a while to feel up to doing this article justice. I appreciate SinSynn being a good sport through this process and remaining cordial despite our... disagreements. I will put my comments in orange if I have any. 

Without further ado, here's SinSynn's final response:

The Proper Care and Feeding of Tyranids

Hello again, SinSynn here....uh, again.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hobby Progress: Assembling Grey Knights

Just spent a few hours watching a movie with my wife and assembling my Counts As Grey Knights.

Paladin Squad is complete.
3 of the Psycannon guys are complete.
I have some ideas for my teleporters, a slight modification on regular Grey Knight teleporters.

I need to get a load of bits from my buddy who has enough extra to choke a donkey after building his army. I'm really impressed by the Grey Knight box - they actually come with the bits you need to build the army you want.

Shocking, I know.

The Swarm Grows... Genestealers and Grey Knights, Oh My.

Just a few of the things going on in Purgatus' neck of the woods. After keeping my eyes open for a good long time, I found a good opportunity to trade for about 20 Genestealers. I may raid a few from my Space Hulk box as well if necessary. That opens up some new build options for me which I'm excited to experiment with.

Also, I have been enjoying modelling some "soon to be" Grey Knights. There's a few photos of those chaps in there as well.

Hope you enjoy!

Local RTT April 30 - Olympic Cards and Comics, Olympia WA

If you are in the region (Western Washington) or don't mind travelling, I encourage you to come down and attend an upcoming three round RTT I will be running this month.

It will be a 2000 point, Win/Loss three round tourney using the NOVA format for missions.

Here are the essential details:

Jay Woodcock - Tyranid GT Success

So, I've been meaning to write something up regarding the recent success of Jay Woodcock at Adepticon. Jay took 4th at the largest venue in the U.S. which is, shall we say, laudable.

Hell, it's fucking awesome!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Got Interviewed by 11th Company Today...

...pretty interesting experience, especially with Chappy sitting across the table from me making snarky comments and funny faces while working on his Grey Knights, lol.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yeah, I'm Going to Be 'That Guy' Playing Counts As Grey Knights

 We all know of them. Some of us hate them.

I'm talking about those "(Space) Wolves in (Insert Random Codex Here)'s clothing." - the Counts As Commandos.

Some people absolutely despise these folks. I am definitely NOT amongst them, lol.

I think that counts as armies are awesome, frankly. My only criteria is that they are reasonable and understandable, but other than that, go nuts I say.

Still, I did struggle with this decision for a while, not wanting to appear to be a "bandwagoner." But fuck me if I don't find the new codex... inspiring.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do Grey Knights Need Melta?

Self advertisement: If you enjoy this article you will likely enjoy some of my other articles which cover some fundamentals of probabilities.

New Codex time! Can you hear it? That excited buzz, thrumming through the internets?

Yes, I'm a bit late to the party, as per usual. I don't like to be at the head of the pack when it comes to discussing a new codex. I generally start talking about them after they've been available for a while and I've had some time to give it some thought.

There are plenty of other places that provide "bleeding edge" reviews and army lists. Venture forth at your own risk - information quality may vary.

Best not to speak and be thought a fool than let slip tongue and remove all doubt, yes? I'll keep my musings to my local forums for now as I parse through the new Dex...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

HirstArts... Anyone?

Monkey_Leader provided me with a link to Hirst Art's website.

Color me impressed. You know the product is good when you spend a solid hour thinking of the various amazing things you could do with these moulds.

Seems like the kind of thing that a gaming club could go in on in order to help supply their FLGS with some seriously kick ass terrain.

Anyone have any experience with these moulds? Any photos of a finished project?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hitting a Roadblock - Need Help

Ok, so I've been pretty down and out the last few days. I got really hammered by this illness and I just feel like crap. I have been puttering around with some painting. I guess it says something that I find it easier to paint than to blog.

Blogging's tough, yo.

Anyways, I have really been struggling to finish up my 13th Company Space Wolves army.

I need to make two Stone Circles that have the approximate dimensions and Line of Sight blocking capabilities as a Drop Pod.

I have made a base out of Masonite in the same dimensions as the base of the Drop Pod.

So far, so good.

But now I'm trying to figure out how to build the freaking stone pillars, and I keep drawing a blank. I need some material that I can carve into the shapes I need, that I can make look like stone, and that I can carve runes into. I also need it to be tough enough to hold up to game play.

Also, what is the best bitz ordering service for the U.S.? I need two more metal Hive Tyrant Swords to complete my Swarmlord/Hive Tyrant magnetized conversion of awesome.

Bear with me guys. I'm trying to get back into the flow but it's tough when I feel like 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound sack.