Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hobby Time! - Wolves, Nids and... a Baby?!?

So, I uploaded these photos thinking they looked AWESOME in my little viewer, and then I watched the slideshow... boy are they zoomed in. You can see EVERY... LITTLE... DETAIL...

So suffice to say there are some things that are not finished (you'll note the eyes on the Wolf Guard) and everyone will figure out I'm not a great painter after today, lol.

But I said, fuck it, I'll do it live. Who cares if they hate me and never read my blog again? *nervous twitch*

Well, part of my goal is to help people get over their hobby fear. Sometimes you just have to DO IT and hope for the best. SO here goes (yes that is my daughter).

You should follow the link to see it full sized for the clever captions. ;D