Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Night Before the Night Before a Grand Tournament

It's like Christmas Eve, Eve. A magical time where you know you have an entire day of waiting before you finally get to start killing stuff. Or unwrapping presents. Or whatever.

Tonight is the last night I have at home to prepare, paint and pack.

And yes, I do have some last-minute painting to do.

I also need to pick up a Gale Force 9 measuring tool. I've always wanted one. This is the perfect excuse.

I. Am. Stoked.

My list - finalized (except for the pesky Rune Priest powers... sigh, I'll probably go with Lightning and Hurricane).

My paint - completed (well, actually I still have some work to do, and half the models still need basing, lol).

My strategy - perfected (at least to the best of my limited ability with the limited amount of playtime I have...)

My hope is to post up pictures of the army in its finished state, but I REALLY doubt I will have time for a photo shoot before the GT. I got a lot of painting done this week while home sick. Yes I was really sick, not "sick because my army isn't finished and a GT is coming up." But it was nice to be able to knock out my Longfangs, and three more Thunderwolf Cavalry as well as do some much needed repairs and touchups.

 I also anticipate putting up some pictures and a dedicated article for Chappy's army after the GT... more to come on that front. Let's just say there's an interesting story there.

Wish me luck everyone. I'm going to need it.

Any of you GT veterans out there with tips for surviving the gruelling two days of gaming (gruelling, really? Hell I get to play games for 48 hours what could be better?) feel free to chime in.