Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Stuff Day - Codex Creep Is Dead

Gx1080 asked for some of my Codex Creep posts. Turns out I've done quite a few on this topic, lol. Must be something I believe strongly in. 

For the record, having re-read what I said before, I still whole-heartedly agree with everything. The re-FAQ of Dark Angels and Black Templars only further expands and levels the "5th Edition Plateau" that most codexes are now on.

For the record,  I think the argument that there is an "anti-xenos" bias is a far more compelling one than the classic "codex creep" argument, which I think at this point is thoroughly disproven.

This article was originally posted here on Yes The Truth Hurts.

Dark Eldar are out. We have all read it. It rocks.

But there is one thing no one is talking about that I have heard.

This codex is one more nail in the coffin of the “codex creep” fanatics.

You know who they are. “Oh my god, the latest cheese codex is coming out next month. I heard everything gets Feel No Pain, Furious Charge and meltaguns standard. And that they wiped out an Ork army that outnumbered them THREE TO ONE!!”


Listen, internets.

Look at the facts. Observe. See the pattern. Draw a conclusion.

There is no codex creep.

There are “new” codexes, and then there are “old” codexes.

New Codexes:

Space Marines
Imperial Guard
Space Wolves
Blood Angels
Dark Eldar

“Little Codexes, made of ticky-tacky, and they all look just the same…”

Sure, some argue that Nids are not up to snuff with the other 5th edition codexes.

I think they are fine, I think that once people stop being scared to use them and start figuring out how to use them properly they will do fine. Not claiming *I* am the one that knows how to use them properly, but someone out there does. But in any case, even if they are not quite as good (and there ARE some problems with the dex) this would be an example of a “mistake” not an intentional codex creep issue.


Picture if you will a range of foothills. Some small hills, some taller ones. Then at the center is a tall plateau. On top of the hills sit the old codexes. On the plateau sit the new ones, all lined up. Some of the older codexes suck. Some of them are still decent, but have limited builds.

But all the new codexes are the SAME. All of them are BALANCED.

As more and more codexes fall into the category of “new” and fewer and fewer into “old” people will have less and less reason to argue for comp, crazy list-centric sportsmanship scores, and all that other silliness. The game will finally be, for all intents and purposes, balanced.

Or at least as balanced as it will ever get until GW starts using outside playtesting groups again, and takes it to the next level.

But that’s for another edition.