Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gaming Night - Nids Again

Got another good game in against the same IG player as last time. He brought a few more tanks this time, and it was proportionally more difficult, but I did win solidly again. Still playing my Tournament Nids, and sincemy opponent only has 1750 worth of models for this game I dropped one of my Tyrannofexes.

We played the Total War scenario, meaning that there were two Capture and Control objectives, three Seize Ground objectives and Kill Points all in play. This is by far still my favorite scenario I have seen or played. The NOVA missions might be more strategically challenging, but there is something to be said for the elegance of the Total War mission. It's still interesting and challenging but much simpler to play.

We rolled pitched battle, always my favorite as a Nids player. I won the roll off and deployed my first two Seize Ground objectives as close to my side and to the middle as possible (again, this is a "must" as a Nids player). He placed the third Seize Ground objective too far forward I think, but still on his side.

I deployed my T-Fex centrally and far forward, with the Zoanthrope/Prime unit and the Hive Guard behind a screening line of Termagants. The Tervigons deployed behind the Hive Guard.

He deployed across from me with a fairly imposing collection of blasty/shooty/flamey things. He has fallen prey to what I call "Rainbow-itis" or what most people call a Battle-force army. Still, you have to respect Manticores, Leman Russes, Medusas and the like. Really, the biggest problem with his list was that he has only one of everything, not enough Chimeras, and not nearly enough real anti-tank. As a result, he killed my little bugs fairly effectively but struggled all game even trying to kill one Tervigon. Though his Manicore did pop one of my Primes which kind of sucked, lol.

It was a fun game. Yarrick got ganked by Termagants. Twice. Goddamned Yarrick.

Genestealers killed a Leman Russ and lots of grunts. Hive Guard did what Hive Guard do and suppressed some tanks when I needed them suppressed. I did decide to get cute and Death or Gloried his Banewolf with my Tyrannofex just cause, ya know, it was cool. The big guy immobilized the Banewolf and then proceeded to rip it apart afterwards.

So at the end of the day I ended up winning on all three missions, but again this was a teaching game against a new player, so I'm not exactly "notching my belt." I think his army will continue to improve and he will start to learn principles of redundancy and such, and will start packing more meltaguns and Autocannons and fewer Plasmaguns and Mortars.

It's a process.

Anyways. I'm off to bed. I'm glad I got a bit of hobby in this weekend, though I probably should have been reading for school. *shrug* A guy's got to live a little, amirite?