Friday, February 11, 2011

NOVA-Style Rogue Trader Tournament - Lots of Photos

Hey guys. As promised here are some pictures from the Rogue Trader Tournament I ran last Saturday.

It was the first tournament I had run myself, and I had a blast.

24 players came out, which was just about perfect - filling the available tables without straining our ability to put adequate terrain on each. Some of the tables ended up better than others, but on balance I don't think there were any tables where someone would have felt completely hosed by terrain.

We used the NOVA rotating missions, with the three missions being table quarters, 5 objectives, and Kill Points. The Kill Points objective needed a margin of 4 or more Kill Points to win. That, I felt, was one too many. In the future I will try it with a margin of 3 Kill Points or more needed to win on that mission.

Here is the list of winners:

Best Overall - Greg Skewis, Eldar
Second Best Overall - Nick P., Blood Angels
Tournament Ace - Mark Hunter, Dark Eldar
Tournament Ace - Dan Focke, Black Templar
Best Painted - Jess Bares, Chaos Daemons
Second Best Painted - Lance Kirkman, Eldar
Best Sportsman - Kenny Dietrich, Black Templars
Best Sportsman Honorable Mention - Keith Plunkett, Grey Knights
Best Sportsman Honorable Mention - Tory Smith, Ravenguard (Codex: Space Marines)

We ended up with a three way tie for Sportsman, which was broken by a combined Paint and Battle score per the tournament rules. The other two received an honorable mention and a $10 certificate courtesy of the store owner.

I tried to take some close up photos of some of the prettier armies out that day. Both the Best Painted and Second Best Painted stood out - the attention to detail and passion they put into those armies was obvious.

Nardy and Frowbakk both attended the event. Nardy took Second Best Overall, obviously doing quite well. I would be happy to throw down against either of these fine players anytime, anywhere.

Keith Plunkett gets a mention as well, I ran into him at the Seattle GT as well, and have seen him around the shop a few times. His Grey Knights are gorgeous. The blue and silver is very striking. He is a true gentleman as well. Once his codex gets updated I think he will be a strong contender for Best Overall at any event he chooses to attend. Anyone else see those leaked Grey Knight images? Yeah, I'm stoked.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy looking at the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Nardy, feel free to grab what you need off of here and put together a batrep. I would love to see the blow by blow.