Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nids WIP - Photos and Update

So just a few quick photos of my WIP Nids to satisfy the curious. As you can see there is still a long ways to go, lol.

Currently debating whether my paint scheme (as exemplified by the Hive Guard with the Brown Faded Carapace and Red spiky bits) has enough "pop." My buddy has noted that I like subdued color schemes, but we all know that even excellently painted models that look "dull" to the uninitiated can be looked down upon by judges who get infatuated with bright colors and harsh highlights. (Sandwyrm, you got robbed bro, your army is the cat's meow).

Now, this army is not going for any painting awards, but I have been thinking about this a lot and wanted your feedback. Is the brown fade scheme too "bleh?" Could I stick with the brown faded carapace but add some other colors to make it more interesting?

I think on the larger Monstrous creatures the reds really spice it up a lot. I also need to decide what colors I am going to use for my "fleshy bits" like the Venom Cannon Feed tubes, the lash whips, and the plethora of tiny little "gill slits" that all Nids are covered with (I could in all fairness leave the "gills" the way they are but they do represent an opportunity to add some visual variety.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the colors thus far.