Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tyranids Second Wave - What Becomes of Our Conversions?

I've been hearing rumors that there will be a Tyranid second wave coming out around August. If the rumors are to be believed there will by a Tyrannofex/Tervigon kit included in plastic, as well as a Harpy kit.

This has kind of got me worried, to be honest. It will be great to have a buy-and-go option for new Tyranid players, sure. But what about us poor bastards that have spent months hawking our souls for old Carnifex kits to build our own Monstrous Critters?

I'll be honest, I was excited to play Nids from the time they first came out. But it's taken me quite a while to actually get this project off the ground, and I certainly can't afford to drop 200 plus bucks on new models if the new kits are completely disproportionate to what I already have.

I guess this is going to be a "moment of truth" in a way. If GW decides they want to "stimulate sales" they can make the Tyranofex/Tervigon much bigger than the Carnifex that most people have based them on. This would immediately invalidate every converted MC out there for tournament purposes.

It would truly be a form of cheating to take a MC to a tourney which is significantly smaller than the "official model."

Or they could, ya know, make them really, really gorgeous and awesome kits. Then I might find it in my heart and budget to replace say, just the Tervigons with their official model and keep my T-Fexes.

I sincerely hope they go the latter route.