Saturday, February 12, 2011

Critical Thinking Time Folks - What's Wrong With This Mission?

Ok, so a local tourney just posted up their missions. For background, it's a Battle Point tournament, 1750 armies.

Scenario One:

Deployment: Pitched Battle - You may not deploy within 12 inches of the short board edges

Players alternate deploying units starting with Heavy Support. Once a player has deployed all of their heavy support choices, they move on to their Troops units, followed by Elites, HQ, and finally Fast Attack.

Units within transports are deployed according to their transport's Force Organization slot.
Independent Characters, which are attached to units, are treated as members of that unit for deployment.

Objective: Annihilation - scored with "True" victory points

"True" victory points are scored for each model destroyed.

So that I don't have to clutter up the local boards with too much of my whining, we can have a full discussion here. I'm sure that some of the locals will make their way over here. I'm certainly not trying to hide anything, and I'm trying to be constructive.

SO... what's wrong here folks?