Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leader of the Pack Rule, Acci-cheating, etc.

I've been an acci-cheater before. Acci-cheating is when you don't really intend to cheat, but you do it anyways. It has to be something that benefits you though or else it's not acci-cheating, it's just being a dumbass.

Oh, and here's an email I got. It's related:

"Hi Purgatus,

DaveLongTooth here,

I know I am 4 weeks late... but it just dawned to me that in your GT Logan and Njal both have the Saga of Majesty.
How does that work out given the sidebar Leader of the Pack on page 81? One of them loses it?

Also, the comments work on your blog!!! I just saw that tonight, yay!!!

Take care,


Thanks Dave, and good looking out man! This is just an example of a writing fail on GW's part. They are notoriously bad at cross referencing things. For example, always read both the full entry AND the entry in the back of the book for every unit. Otherwise you don't know what the hell's going on.

It's just GW's way of punishing those who don't read their shit like it's the bible: from cover to cover, over and over.

Thankfully, I DO read my codices like the bible! Page 64 where it explains Sagas says the following:

"...no two characters may bear the same saga. The exception to this rule is special characters, who have their own stories and abilities above and beyond the sagas. For instance, you could take a character of your own invention and purchase him the Saga of Majesty, despite the fact that you intend him to accompany Logan Grimnar, who bears the same saga."

So long and the short of it is that for special characters the saga rule goes out the window, BUT the FAQ does clarify that even special characters may not bear the exact same wargear as any other HQ character.

Wierd, but it is what it is. So I'm not an acci-cheater today.

We'll see about tomorrow. ;D

I'm glad the comments are working for you, and please feel free to make use of them!