Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BlogDex - Go Use It People!

Email in:


Congratulations on the almost immediate success of your new blog. Well earned and well deserved. We subscribed straight away and are really impressed so far, despite our high expectations!

We hope you can spare us a moment for this.

A few weeks ago we started the BlogDex. An index of hobby blogs with thumbnails and links to each site. Next week we’ll be uploading RSS details for all of the sites as well as some RSS bundles which will allow users to subscribe to all of the blogs in a section with a couple of clicks. There are just under two hundred in there at the moment.

With the news that Ron of From the Warp is putting his site ‘in stasis’ we wanted to step up our efforts to let people know about this resource. It’s a great way to find new blogs and sites to visit and unlike blog rolls always includes all of the sites, all of the time.

The post explaining how it works is here. An example of the BlogDex pages is here. The link is to the Warhammer 40k blogs list.

As the BlogDex expands we’ll break large categories down into sub-categories to keep the listings a manageable size. For example, we may create a 40k Advice section for blogs which specialise in list building and general 40K advice.

We’d love it if you’d help get the news out there! There’s a wealth of small blogs that are worth reading but often aren’t because they’re not updated very often or just aren’t well integrated with the rest of the blogosphere.

If you could give us a shout out that would be absolutely marvellous.



Take note people. You lead in with a compliment, and then you slip in the request.

Consider the shout out... shouted.