Monday, February 7, 2011

Hobby Success - Paint A 2k Dark Angels Army In A Week, Take 2nd Best Paint At a GT.

I know a lot of people who got excited when the Dark Angels FAQ got updated. But one man got a BIT more excited than most. Here's his story:

What’s up all?

My name is ChappyDBC and today Purgatus has given me kind permission to guest post on his blog about an army I painted up and took to the Seattle GT this year. I won second best painted with it. The kicker: it took me seven days to complete from start to finish. 

Including the build time.

First, a little about me. I have been playing Warhammer 40,000 for about 11 years now. A buddy of mine got me into the hobby when I was hanging out in the halls of Montezuma and at the shores of Tripoli (Editor's Note: For those not "in the know" my buddy is referring to his time in my beloved Marine Corps). 

I loved the fact that I got to play a game that I was able to put my creative effort into building and painting. I became an avid collector quickly amassing over 30 armies to paint and play with. I was never an overly competitive player (Hah! That's not what I heard...), but I was always super conscious about how my stuff looked. I toured around several game stores in the area to play in tournaments, but was never any good at amassing battle points. So I took a track that I knew I was good at, and I focused on it. 

I endeavored to become a great painter (And he succeeded). And now, with the not-so-gentle help from Purgatus, I am learning to play the “game” more effectively. 

I learned how to paint from friends, books, and many frustrating hours of practice. I am not the best painter ever. Of that, have no doubt. But I can put together an army quite well. And if I take my time, I can pull off some pretty neat effects. What I am going to show you all today is a quick way to put an army on the table that looks good.

I started the project off with The Army Painter’s Bone White spray primer. 2 light coats of primer and 2 hours in front of a heated fan later it was time to cheat. Gryphonne Sepia was the wash of choice with which to do this. The first coat was a 3 to 1 mix of wash and distilled water washed liberally all over the model. After that dried, I then went back with a Standard Brush and lined in a straight wash of the Gryphonne Sepia. Lining in consists of you taking the brush and running it in the exact spot you want the wash to go. This way it will provide a heavier shade right where you want it. Next I took P3’s Menoth White Base and filled in all the big areas. The plates, the pads, and the raised portions were given two even coats to make sure no previous color showed through. Next I highlighted all of the bone areas with P3’s Menoth White Highlight. And then I used Skull White as a final hard edged highlight.

For the green portions I used Orkhide Shade foundation paint by Citadel. I then highlighted the areas using Goblin Green and then Scorpion Green respectively.

The reds started off with Scorched Brown, followed by Mechrite Red foundation. Wash with Devlan Mud and then highlight with Blood Red.

Same thing happened with the eyes except a further highlight of Macharius Orange and a dot of Skull White was added for lighting effect.

Parchment was Dheneb Stone washed with Devlan Mud, and then highlighted with Dheneb Stone. Simple, but amazing looking amid all that bone.

The gold was Shining Gold washed with 3 to 1 mix of Chestnut Ink and distilled water. You can get a good Sepia/Chestnut ink from retail art stores that will do the same thing. I don’t like Gryphonne Sepia on this as I feel it doesn’t create a hard enough highlight.

Inks all the way!

Metals were completed by painting Chaos Black over the bone first. Then paint Chainmail over the black, and then wash with Devlan Mud.

Belial’s face and hair were painted with Tallarn Flesh and Iyanden Darksun. Wash with Devlan Mud, and then highlight with Tallarn Flesh and Iyanden Darksun respectively.

The stones on the base were painted with P3’s Cryx Bane Base followed by a drybrush of P3’s Cryx Bane Highlight. Dirt was Scorched Brown followed by a drybrushing of Khemri Brown, and then lightly brushed again with Khemri Brown to brighten it up.

So, there you have it.

If I had more time before hand I would like to have put yellow danger stripes on the Cyclone Missile Launchers, and painted on the actual Deathwing logo. But time ran out, and I found myself finishing up basing, at 2:00 in the morning on the day of the tournament.

I will get to those stripes and logos in a few days, but first I am off to procrastinate heavily against my hobby by playing Dead Space 2. If you have any hobby questions, and it is within my power to help you, feel free to ask on this blog. I troll here regularly. Hope you enjoyed it. Paint well.

This is ChappyDBC signing off.

And as a special bonus I've added some photos of Chappy doing last minute painting the night before the tournament!

See... it really is our hotel room!

Yes, we pinned and mounted all 41 of those Terminators... the night before the tourney. My only contribution to the project was helping with this part.

Oh, and heckling. I contributed a lot of heckling. Lol.

I think the army looks amazing considering he did it in a week (while working full time!) Taking 2nd Best Painted with an army you built and painted in a week is just... mindblowing. Thanks Chappy for the write-up and I'm sure we'll see more of you really soon.