Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Roll Added

I've imported quite a bit from my Google Reader. Some of you may have been missed as I did this quite quickly. If you aren't on there, it's not because I don't wuv you wots. But if you're not on there in a week... I probably don't like you. Lol.

Just kidding of course, if you aren't on my blog roll and would like to be, just shoot me an email and ask. I reserve the right to say no... but I probably won't.


In other news, I'm running a tourney tomorrow. Sort of a first for me, so wish me luck. I hope you will also understand most of this evening will be spent printing out score-sheets, double checking my pairing program, and otherwise tweaking out before the big day. So this is likely to be the last post until Sunday (but who knows, I might get a wild hair up my ass yet...).

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, don't forget to get some hobby time in!