Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tyranids Invade: No Spores Used, Arrive by US Post

So what did my eyes behold when I got home from work yesterday?

A package!! From the Bronx!

Addressed to "Purgatus!" (My wife rolled her eyes).

Inside: Two Hive Guard, a Hive Tyrant, a Terminator Chaplain and Sgt. Tellion!

Oh boy, Christmas in February!

Sin, you are the man. This gives me more flexibility in the Nids armies that I can try out.

I am pretty sure he only gave them to me because he hates the Hive Guard model and has no more use for a Hive Tyrant, but man that's a nice thing to do for someone you've only ever talked to online!


...wait... SinSynn has my physical address.

Oh god.

I will have to stop talking about Space Wolves. All Nids All The Time folks! I don't want an angry Bronxer (Bronxite? Bronxian? Bronxanian?) knocking on my door.