Sunday, July 8, 2012

Best Overall Proudly Supports Stiffneck Studio

Hey, as some of you may be aware, I had a debacle regarding my AdSense account last year. A few of you well meaning chaps decided to go a bit click happy for my birthday, and turns out it was a violation of the terms of service. Well, about $500 in lost ad revenue later, I was without ads and didn't intend for that to change.

Well, I recently decided that I would place a few links on my blog. These are not ads in the traditional sense, in that I am not getting any revenue from them. Instead, they are a way for me to show my support for businesses or endeavors which I believe in, run by people I trust and support.

You will notice a new banner up near the top of my page, for Stiffneck Studio. This is a commission painting outfit that is run by a good friend of mine, and for whom another of my good friends paints. This is a really top quality group of guys that do outstanding work. I heartily recommend and endorse them for anyone that has any interest in getting a commission done, small or large.

If nothing else, click on the banner and check out their gallery, there is some amazing stuff there. I especially enjoy the Necrons.