Saturday, March 5, 2011

IHOP Front Page Authorship... I Accept

Email from Lauby:

Purgatus -

As we continue to build up the HoP, we feel like we've pretty much got all the painting, modeling and lifestyle stuff we need for the moment and we're looking to add some solid tactical/gameplay authors (especially ones with P&M  street cred).  This is where you come in:

Dethtron and I really dig your stuff and we got to thinking -  We'd like you write for us.  We're pretty flexible as to the when and even the what (so long as its consistent and has a cool column name).  Most of what the column would be about is up to you and you don;t even have to do it weekly if you don't want.

Don't worry about hurting our feelings if you're not interested.  We're pretty tough guys.  Also our feelings regenerate at twice the normal rate of other men.

Anywho, just let us know.


Well, I've been thinking about it and, hell yeah I'll write for IHOP. This blog has always been more about having a place to call my own, talk about what I feel like talking about, and basically getting to know some cool peeps online. It would be great to post up some more focused "articles" of the kind that I used to contribute to YTTH. I may submit some posts to YTTH too if I feel like I've got something that makes sense to go there.

What kinds of things do you like to read in more formal articles? My Old Stuff Day posts should give you a bit of an idea of what I can do. What tickles your fancy?