Monday, March 14, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different - Nuclear Safety!

This is an excellent article which clearly explains what happened (and is happening) inside of the Fukushima reactor impacted by the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami.

Did you read it? No. Go back. Read it.

It would be a true tragedy if our country were to turn away from one of the few cost effective, clean and safe energy options out there because of the fear-mongering of the media that knows they will get lots of viewers if they use scary buzzwords like "nuclear," "radiation," and "meltdown" (with lots of Chernobyl references thrown in for spice).

Not to mention, putting a moratorium on new reactor construction and indefinitely stretching the life of our already aging fleet or reactors will NOT contribute to increased nuclear safety. If you want a safer fleet, build more modern reactors. 

I have yet to see one responsible media article concerning the nuclear incident. All provide images of raging fires from the Oil Refineries and Oil Terminals (I wonder how many people died in those explosions/fires), superimposed with the words "NUCLEAR THREAT!"

 So the words say "nuclear threat" and yet... that's not a nuclear reactor. Well played, media. Well played. 

Here's another good one:

If that really were the nuclear reactor, I think I would be pretty scared. But it's actually the Ichihara Oil refinery.

For reference, this is what the actual nuclear plant looked like before the blast. The large SQUARE buildings house the reactors:

The misdirection is truly nauseating.

For reference, this is the best picture I could find of the reactor after the blast:

It basically blew off the concrete and left the steel frame of the outer building, which plays no role in containing the reactor.

I wonder how many people will have their health impacted from breathing the smoke from the massive petroleum fuel fires that are emitting smoke plumes extending hundreds of miles out to sea.

But never mind that. There's nothing sexy about talking about hundreds or thousands of people struggling with and eventually dying from lung conditions from petroleum fires.

But nuclear "meltdowns" that were safely contained and seem to have caused little harm to anyone?

That shit will sell!

How about this for a headline:

"Partial Meltdown Possible at Japan Nuclear Plant as Death Toll Estimates Rise to 10,000"

Wait. Who would be so irresponsible as to write a headline that leads the reader to associate the massive death toll with the (possible) nuclear meltdown? It must be some wild eyed hippie commie leftist organization.

Maybe the New York Times? (Heh).

I guess major media are ALL a bunch of exploitive, money sucking ambulance chasers, no matter which side of the aisle they cheer for.

Seriously world. I know it's tough, but get a fucking grip and use your brains. In the midst of one of the most severe natural disasters in recorded history, in which up to ten thousand people actually died, we are focusing on the nuclear incident which will in all likelihood, kill no one?

Yes I know every voice that gets added to this discussion contributes more fuel to the fire but people have to start countering this unthink with some sense.

Sorry to divert you from more fun topics, but sometimes people need to speak out to counter the bullshit, and I'm sure most of you will find this at least mildly informative, or at least entertaining.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.