Friday, March 11, 2011

Recruiting New Players - Doubles Tourneys

These ladies will PROBABLY not be attending our doubles tourney. But maybe.

So, I'm a pretty firm believer that 90% of the time tournaments are simply not great places for "new players" to be. I know that some TO's like to justify lower points levels by saying that it's more "new player friendly."

Well, "meh" to that.

It's not that new players should be actively discouraged from participating in tournaments, but a tournament is not the best place to be learning the rules of the game, can we not agree?

Plus, when you cater to newer players at your tourney, I think you often make sacrifices on the other side and more experienced players looking for a good competition leave unsatisfied. If you take away the tournament "end game" for 40k (yes I know not everyone likes playing tourneys, but that's how I think of them) then you take away a critical element of 40k.

There IS a need to have recruitment events. I think things like escalation leagues, campaigns, etc. are all excellent ways to get new blood involved without putting them in a tournament environment.

Ok, anyways, the BIG exception to this rule, I feel, is the doubles tournament. The doubles tourney offers a really great way to introduce players who may have played SUPER casually over the years - or are even just getting into the game - to a more "formal" style of gaming than they might be used to.

Primarily, the opportunity is for the newer player to paint up their 1000 points of "whatever" or else borrow it (it's much easier to borrow 1000 points than 2000) and then have a more experienced player partner with that person.

This allows the more experienced player to take the newer player "under their wing" as it were. They can help their team-mate with strategy, smooth over any rules confusions, etc. This is NOT something that an opponent should be asked to do in a tournament setting, but having a team-mate to help you out is different.

It allows that player to get in 3 games in a relatively short time-period, possibly walk away with some prizes, and hopefully just have a good time. That can only be a good thing.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. Anyone agree? Disagree?

And yes, this post is because the local FLGS is hosting a doubles tourney later this month, and I will be attending. I will be bringing my bud out to play, providing him with 1000 points of Nids, and I'll be playing biker Marines.

I think that the mobility and melta the Marines bring to the table will complement the "I have tons of bugs in midfield" that Nids provide. So I think it will be relatively competitive as well as preventing me from having to paint too much to get ready.

I don't think we'll be bringing home any grand prizes (I doubt our armies will be painted to a high enough standard since I can't bring my Space Wolves - no special characters allowed) BUT it should be a good time.