Sunday, March 27, 2011

Playing Nids - Lessons Learned

 Ok, so a few of my thoughts after having gotten in a few more games.

-The hardest part is remembering to do everything in the correct order. Tervigons especially have a lot of things that happen at very specific places in the turn sequence (Catalyst, Spawning, Dominion, etc). In a tournament setting without being as practiced as I would like to be with the Nids we messed up the sequences quite a few times. I need to get more practice games in to overcome those challenges.

-So many Gants. Really, just... way too many Gants. Lol. Getting them all placed and moved is a real challenge, especially if terrain is tight or the board is getting cluttered. We were able to stay disciplined enough to not spawn until we needed them, but even then it was just... a lot of them.

-Feel No Pain is essential to survival, and Psychic Hoods easily stop Feel No Pain. Yeah, it's a problem. Especially when you can't seem to get a single psychic power off against a Hood in attempt after attempt. Stelek had talked about how necessary psychic defense has become in 5th edition. Effective psychic defenses can absolutely neuter a Nids army. I now have a lot of pity for my poor Nids opponents being faced by Njal's 3+ Runic Staff of "No really, fuck YOU."