Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Email In: Help with Loganbomb

 Oh I'm sorry... where you using that Land Raider?

Masterslowpoke writes:

Heya! I recently won a smörgåsbord of Space Wolf infantry models, and
I want to put them to good use. A Logan list sounds like it would
require the least amout of purchasing to make, and would be rather fun
to play. I'm leaning more towards the "Loganbomb" idea, and I don't
know of anyone who would know Logan better than you. Here's the list
I'm thinking of making, it's at 1850:

----- HQ ----------------------------
Logan Grimnar

Rune Priest
++ Chooser of the Slain, Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath

---- Elites -------------------------
5 Wolf Scouts
++WG w/ Combi-melta, PF

5 Wolf Scouts
++WG w/ Combi-melta, PF

----- Troops -------------------------
5 Wolf Guard

5 Wolf Guard

4 Wolf Guard (5th with Scouts)

4 Wolf Guard (5th with Scouts)

4 Wolf Guard (5th with Long Fangs)

----- Fast Attack ---------------------
1 Thunderwolf Calvalry
++ Wolf Claw, Meltabomb

1 Thunderwolf Calvalry
++ Wolf Claw, Meltabomb

1 Thunderwolf Calvalry
++ Power Weapon, Meltabomb

----- Heavy Support --------------------
5 Long Fangs
++4 Multimelta
++Drop Pod

Obviously Logan goes in the pod. The Rune Priest babysits the Wolf
Guard units and might protect them from flying dudes with Tempest's
Wrath. I'm kinda iffy with only having 22 scoring marines, but I guess
that's just what you have to deal with in Logan lists? I was toying
around with downgrading Arjac to a less cool but far cheaper Wolf
Guard with TDA, Chainfist, and Stormshield, but I don't know what I'd
buy with the extra 120 points or so. I guess bump up the Wolf Guard a
bit, and give all the TWC storm shields? Are storm shields even worth
it on single TWC models? The 3++ will just get torrented down just as
easily; I plan to keep them alive by keeping them out of sight.

Thanks for your time!
- MasterSlowPoke

Hey! Ok, so let's start at the top. There are several players out there who are really, really smart when it comes to effective use of Logan. First that comes to mind is Chumbalaya over at Blackjack and Hookers, who took Loganwing to the NOVA as I recall. He hasn't been posting much of late, but its worth reading through his archives. 

In any case, I'm certainly happy to help. 

So, the "classic" Loganbomb which Stelek put together has Logan, Arjac, a POWER ARMOR Rune Priest, and 5 Longfangs (4 MM plus Pack Leader). 

That uses every spot on their drop pod and makes for some obnoxious wound allocation shenanigans. I also think that a Saga of the Hunter Wolf Guard Battle Leader would be a valid addition to that merry crew (rather than the Rune Priest). At the range you will be dropping them in, you are likely to have plasma and melta to deal with, and the 4+ cover save (often as not from your own pod) turning into a 3+ cover save can make that unit quite resilient. Particularly if you Logan and Arjac eating Melta and Lascannons with a 3+ save to protect them (Arjac has it anyways, ofc). 

Putting your Rune Priest in Termi armor with the Wolf Guard is certainly a valid choice as well.

The scout setup is good but not what I would consider "ideal." For the same points *I* would rather have a Wolf Claw and Meltabombs or even just a Wolf Claw and save yourself the five points. Don't underestimate the value of striking at initiative. It usually doesn't matter for that FIRST round of combat but it often matters on the second. YMMV and both are good choices. 

The Thunderwolf Cavalry are fine without Storm Shields, but you will likely use them somewhat differently than I do. I use my TWC to take on big-nasties along with my Lone Wolves. The SS helps me immensely in that role. If you merely intend them to be weed wackers, then ditch the SS and ensure they have cover. Do yourself a favor and find the five points for the Wolf Claw on the third Cav unit. 

The Wolf Claw is a beautiful, dare I say IDEAL weapon for the TWC. They are naturally S5 so you will OFTEN (not always) use their ability to reroll hits and it is that that makes them dangerous. Wiffing on 5 power weapon attacks without rerolls is a painful experience. Spring for the Claw - you will use it more than the meltabombs.

I like the Chainfists on a few of the Wolf Guard as you will not be running either Power Fist Cav or Chainfist Lone Wolves. Solid choice.  

The list would benefit greatly from a second Drop Pod. Sometimes you want to be able to hold Logan back, as in when your opponent all-reserves against you. Having the ability to drop in an empty pod rather than blowing your Logan load could prove very valuable. 

Arjac is a badass. I understand why you want to use him. Probably the same reason I use Njal. That being said, you may find that at 1850 you are just sqeezed enough to make Logan AND Arjac a pricey proposition. Swapping him out for a regular Wolf Guard in Terminator armor would allow you to buy a Drop Pod for a second unit, buy the Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Stealth, upgrade your Power Weapon to a Wolf Claw and even buy some other goodies (a Frost Blade for your WGBL would not be a bad option - hitting a unit that charges you with 11 to 13 Strength 5, Initiative 5 hitting on 3's with rerolls to hit attacks is not something many will enjoy. It might well keep your unit safe against many assault threats, and allows them to be an assault threat of their own. 

Or stick with Arjac and see how you like him. He is very cool, I might use him in my Ard Boyz list if I go with wolves. 

Hope that helps.