Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jay Woodcock - Tyranid GT Success

So, I've been meaning to write something up regarding the recent success of Jay Woodcock at Adepticon. Jay took 4th at the largest venue in the U.S. which is, shall we say, laudable.

Hell, it's fucking awesome!

And is it just me, or does seeing that army make you crave an orangecicle?

But instead of waiting on me, check out Hyv3mynd who has already done an excellent job of providing both the list and a summary of the opponents Jay faced on his way to 4th on Synaps3. Hyv3mynd happens to know Jay IRL, so can probably also answer questions about his tactics.

So please, go read it.


Are you still here? I said go read Synaps3. And while I'm on the topic, follow the blog if you haven't already. It's a bloody shame there's only 65 followers of that truly excellent resource for Nids players.