Friday, April 29, 2011

BoLS Is a Cess Pool

Yeah, that's pretty much the gist of this post.

The very worst of humanity is expressed in their comment threads.

The very dumbest of 40k analysts write their articles.

I am sick and tired of being lured into visiting their site, usually because some other blogger says "omg, this article is AWFUL" or "Jesus, this comment thread made me want to slice open my own bowels."

Hell, I've even been guilty of doing the same damned thing.

I'm done. No more. Never again.

Not visiting for rumors. Not visiting for leaked pictures. Not visiting for the worst tactics articles on the web, nor the vilest commentors in the entire community.

I'm boycotting BoLS. I don't care whether you join me. Let it be my personal stand against people who make this hobby look awful.

And yes, I hold them responsible for the asshattery that occurs daily in their comments threads. Yes, they should mod the shit out of those threads, because at this point, that's what's required.

Notice I've never modded a comment here? But I set the tone, I establish expectations, and people that choose to engage on this site do so within those boundaries.

The admins set the tone, and they have allowed things to devolve into an utter abomination.

I'm done.