Saturday, April 9, 2011

Local RTT April 30 - Olympic Cards and Comics, Olympia WA

If you are in the region (Western Washington) or don't mind travelling, I encourage you to come down and attend an upcoming three round RTT I will be running this month.

It will be a 2000 point, Win/Loss three round tourney using the NOVA format for missions.

Here are the essential details:

Where: Olympic Cards and Comics
When: Dice drop at 11:00 AM, registration at 10:00 AM, 4/30/11
Why: To kick ass.
How much: $15.00
How big: 2000 Points
Format: W/L, NOVA style missions.

Awards and Prize Categories:

Best Overall
Tournament Ace (Undefeated After three rounds)
Best Painted
Best Sportsman

(2nd and 3rd place prize support is possible based upon attendance)

Best Overall and Tournament Ace will be provided an invitation to an upcoming 8 man Invitational event. If you already got a ticket to the Invitational at my previous tournament, your invite may be passed on to another player (2nd Best Overall, etc).

No player may take home more than one prize, though they will be mentioned for every prize they were eligible to receive, for you over-achievers. 

You will be required to provide 5 computer generated copies of your army list. If you do not have access to a printer, please feel free to contact me IN ADVANCE and I will make sure you have lists waiting for you. I consider illegible lists to be a discourtesy to your opponent and will not be acceptable at the tournament.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.