Sunday, April 24, 2011

Got Tabled By An Eleven Year Old

Happy Easter! 

Yep, last night I got stomped. :D

He was brand new, bright eyed and with more AoBR Marines than I've ever seen in one place, lol.

And wouldn't ya know, my guys kept getting left out in the open exactly 16" away from four of his squads at a time... gah, the plasma/bolter death...!

His grasp of the basics was surprisingly solid, which was nice. He was quite meticulous even, like after every assault he would say "The Defenders React" and move his models. Very endearing. He was being very polite though clearly excited for his victory. It just goes to show that underneath it all, being successful against a challenge is part of the intrinsic value of a game like this. In other words, healthy competition is... healthy.

Anyways, got to chit-chat with his dad for a while afterwards, who is also a brand new player playing with Orks. Both solid people who got into the hobby because of the Dawn of War video games. Interesting how that works.

Anyways, that was my Saturday night. Then I got talked into picking up the core rules for Hordes Mk II, and got so excited about it that I knocked out most of a warbeast when I got home (I snapped a few photos to show what I got done last night but I'm not feeling like doing the whole upload thing right now).

Anyways, I'm going to finish up my Feral Warpwolf and start into my Pureblood. I also put my first paint down on my Imperial Guard commission army, and hope to make good progress on that soon.

I spent the day today with ma familia. What did you guys do this weekend?