Thursday, April 14, 2011

BlogRoll Update... Now's Your Chance

So I feel like I may have missed a few blogroll requests in the last few months. And I'm not really interested in digging through my emails looking for them.

So to separate out those who actually, ya know, read my blog from those who just pop in for a few days, get on the blogroll and then jet, here's your chance.

Link your blog in the comments below and I will put you on the blogroll, unless your blog is absolute trash and then I won't. But you read Best Overall, so doubtless your blogs are only the highest quality with refined articles for the discerning reader, amirite? ;D

Also, if you feel like a blog really deserves to be recognized, even if it's not your own, feel free to 'nominate' them in the comments with a short blurb as to why I should be reading them (and providing them with free publicity).

Thanks... :D