Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tourney Prep Progress - Space Wolves Are Going to Montana

Yes, that's right. I'm gonna go eat me some cowboys.

In case you hadn't figured it out, I am heading to Montana this weekend for a good 'ol 40k rodeo. To that effect, I have been prepping my Wolves for the big show.

Fenrisien Wolves have been detailed and rebased (on 40mm round bases).

The Drop Pod has been completely painted and is table ready.

The display board is built and has been covered in plaster, ready for the final coat of paint tomorrow.

I need to paint one more Space Wolf to replace the dude with the Storm Bolter I am pulling out after the list change.

Other than that I am cocked, locked and ready to rock.

I will try and take some army photos tomorrow after the display board is built. I had wanted to try some water effects but there's just no time. Snow will have to do for now. I think it will still look nice.

Final army has 57 models, 2 Melta, 2 Combimelta, 4 Multimeltas, 10 Missile Shots, 4 Lascannon Shots and some angry choppy dudes. Hopefully it will be enough, lol.

The Fenrisien Wolves should work out well - the full unit stretches out REALLY wide, making it ridiculously easy to get cover on them (I perfected this technique with my Genestealers). And they in turn will provide cover for the Wolf Guard units following up behind them.


I have been kind of thinking about Canis Wolfborn. The thought of having him and a large unit of Counts-As-Troops Fenrisien wolves getting off a first turn assault in Dawn of War is amusing, though probably not that damaging except against real baddies.

The biggest weakness of this list is the lack of a second Drop Pod. Couldn't be helped. I got talked into using "real" Drop Pods instead of Runic Circle constructs fairly late in the game, and getting one Pod painted up to my standards was all I would have been able to manage. Oh well, my last GT army the Multimeltas were on foot, so how bad can it be?

Interestingly enough, I will almost always choose to go second with this army. Hopefully my opponent will let me.

Wolf Scouts can either outflank against armies like guard, or else set up anti-tank shock lines against dual Land Raider style armies. They infiltrate 18" away, then scout move up to 12". Logan drops in right between them (about 10" away from the enemy vehicles (and then they move up and set up a screen to prevent Logan from getting assaulted or any surviving Land Raiders from tank shocking (4 melta-weapons spaced out).  Wolf Lord and friends move up then run, putting them in threat range, and the rest of the Wolf Guard come up behind.

Has potential, I think.

Any thoughts on tough matchups? Strategy ideas? Well wishes? Now's the time...