Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Deathwatch Roleplaying - Session 1

So, had a great weekend. No nerdiness for me except for some light reading. Just fishing, barbecue, sun and brews. Got to spend time with my folks and my dad's friend and his wife and kids. Was a really great weekend. My oldest daughter and I each brought home a nice sturgeon, and we have tons of meat in the freezer now.

Anyways, back to nerdery.

I have rallied together a really solid group of guys to play a Deathwatch campaign. Alex, our GM, is about the most solid GM I have yet encountered, and has an extremely solid knowledge of the 40k universe. In fact, our whole group has a fairly solid fluff background, which makes me have high hopes for the roleplaying aspect.

I am playing a Dark Angels Librarian. I have chosen the Smite, Avenger and Augury powers to start out. I figured I would need some solid combat abilities to start out. I also bought the Interrogation skill, upgraded my Willpower (kind of a"no duh" move for a Librarian) as well as my Weapon Skill. My intent is to eventually get the Mind Worm power and be a psyker Interrogator. Helps for hunting the Fallen (shhh... the other guys in the team don't know about that).

Anyways, I was joined by a fellow Dark Angel (non Inner Circle) Devastator, a Ultramarines Tactical Marine (see also: squad leader/codex: astartes preacher) and a Blood Angels Assault Marine. Nicely rounded combat abilities though a bit lacking in the support categories, sadly. An Apothecary and a Techmarine would be really nice, but this is what we have for now.

So, the sector around the Eye of Terror has seen a recent spike in cultist activity and insurrections. As a result, it is sort of an "all hands on deck" and the Ordo Xenos has been contributing as necessary to the eradication of chaos cults. There are also hints of Xenos involvement which has piqued the interest of our Inquisitor.

Our first mission was to board a derelict Rogue Trader ship and find a specific Xenos artifact, a sword made of the bones of a Genestealer Patriarch. Onboard the ship we discovered that the crew had likely become Chaos cultists at some point, but that the current denizens were a Genestealer Cult. Our Devastator mowed through dozens of mutated cultists with his Heavy Bolter, and eventually we came under attack from a real Genestealer. The Genestealer jumped on and did some significant damage to our Devastator, clearly targeting the greatest threat. We counter-attacked and my character took it down by connecting solidly with my Force Stave and activating its Force Weapon ability, dealing a metric butt ton of damage when I beat the Genestealer's Oppossed Willpower check by three, doing a total of 4D10 + 13 damage.


Interesting start of the campaign. We caught some elements of chaos cults and Tyranids. I suspect that may be a preview of things to come. I wouldn't be surprised if the chaos cults were using the Tyranids to weaken Imperial defenses in advance of a major assault in the sector we are in. We'll see.

Anyways, that was my geeky evening.