Sunday, July 31, 2011

Montana 40kon Tournament Results

So, a quick recap of my games and the results:
Round one (seeding round) vs Mechanized/Webway Dark Eldar. Victory.

Round two (first accelerated pairings round) versus Tyranids, Victory.

Round three (second accelerated pairings round) versus Hybrid Orks, Loss.
Round four (first Swiss pairings round) versus Battlewagon Orks, Victory.

Round five (second Swiss pairings round) versus Hybrid Blood Angels, Victory.

I ended up taking second best painted army (no prize) second best painted single miniature (no prize) and third place for the tournament itself (which was based entirely upon battle performance, no paint or sportsmanship scoring).

I had something of a Battlepoint blowout, beating the next highest Battlepoint total by 9 points. Chad, the gentleman who beat me in round three, went on to win the tournament after going undefeated for five rounds. This makes this the second GT during which my only loss was to the undefeated tournament winner, something I am proud of. Chad was a total gentleman, an experienced player, and I am proud to have lost to him as the champion.

Not a terrible outcome. I got some pretty decent prize support for my third place finish.

I will try to post up batreps later, I think I have pictures of most of my fights, even though they are all on my camera phone.