Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sigh... Yes Grey Knight Transports Can Still Scout

Just like always people, dedicated transports still benefit from Scout if their assigned unit has it (BRB Pg. 76).

"If a unit with this ability (Scouts) is deployed inside a dedicated transport vehicle, it confers the scout ability to the transport too."

And now the FAQ in question:

"Q: Does a unit with the Scout special rule pass it on to
any vehicle it is embarked in? (p76)

A: No."

The FAQ changes nothing besides clarifying that units with Scout do not pass it on to any (meaning "every") vehicle they are embarked on. So... Grey Knights in their dedicated Rhino - the Rhino gets Scout. Grey Knights hop into a Land Raider - the Land Raider does not get Scout.

Again, GW with their vague, capable of being interpreted multiple ways wording makes my head hurt, but this IS what they meant. I have seen very reputable people around the internets saying very silly things about this.