Saturday, July 30, 2011

Le Sigh

Well, once again I blew it in the third round.

Playing against Orks. Truk Boyz, Battlewagon Boyz, Meganobz and Gazhkul, Deffkoptas, Lootas and Snikrot.
I screwed it up. I "blinked." I don't really get any practice games against Orks, and I was impatient. I definitely didn't know their codex sufficiently. This is, I know, a product of the small 40k community locally, my inability to actually play regularly, and my relative inexperience at tournaments. I stressed out and just made poor choices.

My two biggest mistakes: Infiltrating the Wolf Scouts too far forward, and dropping Logan in behind the Orks instead of in front. Really just stupid choices. It didn't help that I had pretty miserable rolling, but really it was the fundamental play errors that fucked me.

Oh well, live and learn, amirite? The player who beat me is a mod on the 40k Radio Freebootaz forums. He obviously knows his stuff and has been playing for... well for longer than me.

I get frustrated that I don't have enough opportunity to actually play my armies sufficiently before the tournaments. I still do decently well, but when I come up against a Black Swan, I don't really know what to do.

I'm feeling pretty alright. I still have a shot at 3rd, and if things go REALLY sideways for one of the three undefeated players, it's possible I could even get to the top table in round five. I will need to own face on my round 4 opponent to ensure I am the top seeded 3 win/1 loss player going into the 5th. So at least I have something to fight for, and of course placing well is still something that I can take pride in.

At the end of the day, it's all learning.