Sunday, July 24, 2011

GT Practice - Fail. (Lol)

Ok, well I got exactly ONE practice game in today and it looks like it's probably going to be my only practice game before next week's GT.


It's not like I've never played Space Wolves before, but sheesh, I was hoping to knock more of the rust off.

My game was against a competent Blood Angels player who frequently takes Overall at our local RTTs. He shifts his lists around a bit but currently is running a very troop-heavy list with 5 full Assault squads, 2 in Rhinos, 1 in a Stormraven and 2 with Jump Packs. All his squads have dual melta and some with Fists some with Power Weapons.

He had a Librarian (Fear and Unleash) and a Priest (with a Lightning Claw) that stayed in a Rhino.

A Blood Talon Furioso with an (odd and extraneous) Drop Pod rides in the Stormraven.

2 Baals (AC, HB) and of course his Stormraven rounded out the roster.

This is not really a list I want to see. Sure, I can handle his rides easily enough but then I have 50+ Feel No Pain Marines to wade through.

We decided to roll up a book mission and - of course - Dawn of War, Your House, My House. I roll that combo like it's my fucking job. Loathing.

Anyways, I won the roll and like a dum-dum took first turn. I mean, that was quite simply retarded. I have a Drop Pod full of angry death and I let him get away with rolling everything on first turn after my Pod had landed. DUMB.

I also completely tossed out my tried and true lesson plan of keeping the army centrally located directly across from his objective. I had two squads WAY to far off to the sides.

At the end of the day, I killed virtually all of his vehicles and we mowed through one another's Marines like Woodchippers on Meth. I gave up trying to win after my second Wolf Scout squad got eaten (both squads made massive pests of themselves, each bagged a Baal Pred and both required a large effort to kill), and I was looking strong for a Draw (having cleared off his two squads that were gunning for my objective with an ANGRY Logan and Rune Priest), I got a very poor run roll combined with a boneheaded wound allocation decision which resulted in my only scoring range model getting pulled at the bottom of the sixth. Roll of the dice: the game ends. Loss by 1/2 inch.

Anyways, a good game, against the kind of army I am most worried about - lots of Feel No Pain bodies. Too many to take down with Heavy Weapons, too tough to take down with Frag missiles and Stormbolters. Gotta kill them in HtH and gee - they're pretty good in HtH too!

Anyways, got my juices flowing again, which is what I needed. I will be cogitating on this game so that I can get all of the boneheaded moves out before next Saturday.