Monday, June 6, 2011

Back In the Saddle!

Been mentally churning since my thrashing on Saturday. I kind of feel like a punk for getting so sullen about it. It's been a while since I've succumbed to that kind of attitude.

But since then I've been thinking about the games. I see my mistakes. I see other options. Choices I could have made differently.

I could have chosen to believe a thousand things. That my opponent was a WAAC jerk. That his army was overpowered. That the dice had gone against me.

No, I made mistakes. I had the tools, I failed to use them properly. My opponent outplayed me, but in the recognition and understanding of his tactics, I can improve and, I hope, one day beat him.

My list does need to change a bit. I need to get the Stalker into my 35 point list. His anti-infantry abilities are too good to give up. But I also realized what a tremendous opportunity I lost in not using Kaya herself to drop a ton of those infantry. The opportunity was RIGHT there. I could have charged her in, used her reach weapon to clear out three to five infantry, and then used Laris' animus to teleport her back to safety.

I still think I need Stalker.

Anyways, I'm thinking a lot about this game, and have been painting a lot.