Thursday, June 9, 2011

On Beating Grey Knights, Broodlords and Harpies

I've been hearing continuous doom and gloom out of the usual suspects of late. Grey Knights beat Tyranids without even trying, right?

They kill monstrous creatures with ease.

They destroy us in a hail of holy psybolts.

Warpquake makes you quake in your boots.

It's a tough matchup, I'll give you that. But unwinnable? I think not.

They have made me reconsider the use of the Broodlord quite a bit. The Broodlord is "generally" a pretty useful fellow. He is not necessarily points efficient, no, but I think his expense is justified if you get some decent mileage out of his special abilities. The S5 Toxin Sacs with Implant Attack will make Thunderwolf Cavalry LOVE playing with you, and Paladins will likewise not enjoy tangling with a Toxin Sac Implant Attack Broodlord. And keeping a power fist from swinging could pay for himself.

Just seems to bring some good tools to the fight.

But against Grey Knights they would be especially obnoxious. Grey Knights already don't enjoy getting through SiTW (often on Ld 9). So how would they feel about taking those tests at -1 or -2 leadership on 3D6? Seems to me the odds start to shift a bit at that point, right?

I also like that any Perils attacks are going to pop the jerk toting the Daemonhammer, in all likelihood.

Purifiers are still, admittedly, a pain in the ass. The point is that rather than whining we should probably be figuring out a way to overcome the obstacles laid before us. That's kind of been my mantra with Nids for a while now, and I seem to be having some good successes thus far. Not saying I've proven anything, but guys, it's not the end of the world.

I have heard rumors that GW is contemplating some kind of reworking of the Harpy during their "summer of flyers." Well, to start with, maybe they could issue some actual rules for the "Flyer" so that we aren't all pissed off at each other all the time ("Why can't I leave my wings over your models? The Throne of Skulls FAQ says I can!")


Anyways, this is quite a nice opportunity for GW to fix a unit which could, in turn, fix the codex.

The Fast Attack slot is largely unused in Nids. Not entirely - Gargoyles, Ravenors and even perhaps spore mines are all interesting options (Spore Mines are still too uncertain rules-wise for me to deal with the whining that will inevitably result from using them) but compared to the Elite and Heavy slots the Fast Attacks are less used.

If the Harpy was an actual viable (meaning both SURVIVABLE and EFFECTIVE at killing tanks) choice then the dynamic of the Codex would shift - dramatically.

Perhaps I could even try running Trygons if I didn't have to stack my anti AV 13-14 shooting in the Heavy Slots. Maybe Deathleaper might come off my shelf if I didn't feel like I NEEDED 3 anti-tank units in the Elite slots.

Just my random musings for the evening. I have some photos to show you guys soon, mostly Hordes stuff.