Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Game Night Recap - Tyranids vs. Space Mareenz, Grey Knights vs. Dark Eldar

So, a really fantastic night of gaming. I arrived at the store early with my Circle Orboros, Grey Knights and my Tyranids armies in tow. I even got to play a little Dark Heresy one-shot mini mission before we started to game in earnest. Good times, I miss Dark Heresy.

I'll give a brief recap of both games I got in but I took a few photos of the second (more competitive) game versus Dark Eldar so I hope to put together a full batrep for that game this week.

My first game was versus a semi-mishmashed Space Marines army. I asked him if he wanted to play my Grey Knights or my Tyranids and he chose Tyranids thinking they would be easier. He said that Tyranids didn't scare him.

We rolled up the auto-tie mission, pitched battle. He chose to go second as he had Cato Sicarius and was hoping for a sieze.

So we deployed our objectives. I put mine dead center and at the edge of my deployment zone. He placed his about a quarter of the way in from my left and about six inches from his board edge. I responded by deploying about half-way between his objective and my objective (laterally speaking). I put the Zoanthropes on the deployment line, with the attached Primes back and to the sides behind two units of Hive Guard, like this:

   P       P

And the Hive Guard in turn were scooted JUST far enough back that I could fit Termagants in the indentations between their bases and be behind the deployment line. Then I strung the Termagants away to the left and right (one squad to the left, one to the right).

The Tervigons went behind the Hive Guard and Zoey wall and got cover. They Tyrannofexes went behind them. Normally I would do this the other way around but he had limited firepower, it was all AP 1-2 anyways, and I wanted the Tervigons to be up front supporting my Genestealers and spawned gaunts. The Genestealers deployed as per my normal, infiltrating forward with their back elements in Feel No Pain range and the front elements deployed 18" away from his front elements, and slightly to the outside of my "zone" where my zoeys and Hive Guard would be advancing. All in all, a pretty textbook deployment. Nice and compact, self-supporting and full cover for all and sundry.

My opponent was running Cato, 2 Tac Squads, a Tri-las Predator, 3 Land Speeders with H.Bolters and Multimeltas (in a squadron), a Venerable Dread with a Multimelta, a full assault squad with two flamers and... I think that's it. Oh yes a five man Tactical Terminator squad with a Cyclone launcher.

This is like a Lost recap narrative. Read it with that tone.

Needless to say there was not a lot of firepower coming my way, and I managed to suppress the Pred with my T-Fexes and knocked off two of the Land Speeders early on. The Zoanthropes blasted apart a building that he garrisoned with his assault squad, the Genestealers killed the Assault Marines, were in turn killed by a Ven Dread who was in turn killed by a Tyrannofex. One Tactical squad died to hordes of Gaunts, his Terminators missed getting assaulted out of cover by a full squad of Genestealers by a very near margin (my 3 inch Move Through Cover and 1 inch fleet put me out of range). Lots of rolls went very narrowly in strange directions. Feel No Pain was used frequently on the Genestealers, who absorbed a staggering amount of his army's attention, and I continued my trend of never once in almost 50 attempts ever succeeding at a Regeneration roll on my Primes. Onslaught proved to be quite valuable and was used to position Tyrannofexes for Flame/Blast runs on packed up Tacticals freshly disembarked from Rhinos. In the end I claimed HIS objective with some Gaunts and won the game.

He said he never founds Nids to be scary, but said I had done them better than anyone he had ever seen. Interesting.

The second game was more competitive (and therefore fun), against a very smart opponent running a Mechanized Dark Eldar list. I took him on with my Grey Knights and lost, narrowly. I will try for a full recap of that game at a later time.