Friday, June 3, 2011

Beer, Bratwurst and Genestealers

It's Friday bitches.

Summer seems to have FINALLY arrived in beautiful Washington state. About friggin' time. Too many clouds, too much rain. A man can only take so much gray.

Anyways, listening to my metal Pandora station while I grill up some Brats and drink an Elysian Bete Blanche Triple Belgian. Going to watch the 5th Harry Potter movie with the girls tonight (we are doing a marathon this month) and then going to check out the Green Hornet later tonight while I get some painting done.

The goal for tonight is to have all of the Genestealer's base colors laid down and then washed. That should get the army looking good enough that I wouldn't be totally ashamed to take them to an RTT while I keep working on getting them finished and all 'perty.

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekends!