Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stelek Wrote An Interesting List... For Orks

 Stelek writes a lot of interesting lists, to be fair. But this one stuck in my craw and won't come loose.


Why do I find this so interesting? Well, for one thing, it introduces a whole new generation of gamers to the wonders of the Nob Biker squad. Are they really any different/better than they were before? No, but you know, they are a pretty fun unit and for people who don't know how to deal with them they can be a pain in the arse.

The thing I like about this list is that there are really no easy choices for your opponent. The Deffkoptas need anti-tank shots, the Nobs need anti-tank shots. The Bikers need to be dealt with or they will kick your ass. The fire support needs to be dealt with or it will kick your ass.

Stelek abandons any notion of Boyz being decent in close combat. They aren't. They suck. I beat my first round opponent and his 150(!) boyz army. Too many boyz to really shoot them all to death. What's that, you say? I have Thunderwolf Cavalry and Wolf Guard with Logan buffs and will tear through those fuckers like a hot knife through butter in combat? Ok, we'll go that route then.

But it was notable that the times during that game that I was well and truly NERVOUS were when I was sitting about 22" away from all of his shoota boyz. Because I knew that next turn he was going to march forward and lay down a wall of lead. No, they can't shoot worth a damn but when you have that many shots...

Made me think about how much better it would be just to take them ALL as shoota boyz and dakka things to death...

Anyways, I think this list just works (until you run into Land Raiders, anyways). And it would be surprisingly cheap to build if you are a fair hand at converting. No vehicles makes an army cheaper in general. Being able to build your army out of the spare bitz from every other army makes it even better.

Anyways, just wanted to share. People have been telling me I need to build a "for fun" army for when people just want to dick around and not get beat down by my Wolves or Nids (believe it or not, my Nids are developing a "scary" reputation now). I was originally thinking about doing a Twin Prince Chaos list. But maybe Orks? Dunnoh. Not like it would ever get painted...