Monday, May 30, 2011

Hobby Day... Want to Have Nids Ready for Next RTT

Yeah, I was kind of bummed that I've been lazy about painting for, well really for the last several months. I have a commission project I need to make progress on, my Nids to finish, my Grey Knights to finish... really too much to do.

I need to get the Nids finished up to at least the minimum standard - get the base colors on, get them washed and based, and at least be respectable looking so I can start taking them to RTTs.

I finished assembly on the final models I needed last night, built two Primes with Boneswords and Lashwhips (one with Scy Talons and the other with Rending Claws), finished assembly on my fourth Hive Guard (which I was dreading) got the Primes, the Hive Guard and my two Zoanthropes primed and did some work on my second Tervigon's carapace.

Today I got a chance to actually lay some paint on the Primes and one of the Zoanthropes, and got all three of them washed. It's remarkable what that simple process gets you as far as results. It makes me sad that so many people don't go through these basic steps (prime with a base color, block out the main colors, and wash the model). And yes, I was guilty of this as well.

I've been feeling a bit intimidated by the commission project. Frankly it just seems... daunting. It takes me a long time to finish my OWN armies. But taking a lesson from the above, I think I just need to start by doing the basics. Prime them with a color, block out the main colors, and wash them. That's a lot of progress if I can get it done across the entire army.

Anyways, that's my story. I haven't been posting as much recently, but you can bet that as soon as I get these Nids done to the basic level,  I will be taking some army-wide photos for you guys. I have been snapping WIP photos a bit as well too, so I will put up some pictures soon.

I hope you all had a good Memorial Day. I won't say "happy" because it seems rather incongruous to be happy when remembering all of our fallen heroes. But that being said, I think it is appropriate to be proud of their sacrifice, and to thank their surviving family if you happen to know any (and this includes those police and firefighters who have lost their lives).

Hope you all have a great day, and please let me know what's cooking on your end. Also, Karvala, a response to your email is next on my "to do" list.